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Speedway Tech Talk - Sound Dampening & Insulation

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One thing we know about old cars, is they aren’t quite like a modern car. Insulation and seals in the older cars are much different than they are in today’s rides. Here at Speedway Motors we have the solution to making your ride quieter by offering lines such as Boom Mat, Hush Mat, Lizard Skin and Dynamat.

There a couple types of insulation we offer, whether you’re trying to create a heat barrier, quiet the car, or both. All the major insulation manufacturers have a pull and stick product that helps with sound and heat. You can apply this style of insulation to the floors, ceiling, dash, or doors. These old cars are big metal boxes and the sheet metal vibrates a lot; causing a lot of unwanted noise. Applying sheets of insulation to any big pieces of sheet metal that don’t have structural bracing is a must in reducing noise.

If you are in the middle of restoring your car/truck, you may want to consider Lizard Skin’s spray on insulation. This type of insulation can be rolled on, but it’s suggested to use a spray gun like item 91044055. Spraying this product will insure that every square inch inside of your ride is covered.

Which one is better? It may not come down to which one is better, but more of an issue of time, effort and user friendliness. The pull and stick method insulation is easy. You just pull stick and slap it anywhere you want. It will take a little more time to apply and work when putting around the curvature of the floors and in hard to reach areas. However, it’s relatively easy to apply and not messy. The spray can be messy if everything isn’t taped off and covered. Yet, it’s quick and can be done in half the time.

No matter which way you go, you should see a vast improvement in interior noise. You’ll be amazed how much more solid everything feels and sounds.

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