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Speedway Tech Talk - ProCar Rally Lowback Bucket Seats

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It’s no secret that getting new upholstery for your car isn’t cheap. In fact just to wrap a bucket seat could cost a few hundred dollars. However, Procar has come out with a great line of fully upholstered bucket seats at a great price.

Procar’s Low Back 1050 model (item 91070045) is just the ticket for someone wanting to do some spirited driving. This fully bolstered seat is wrapped in black vinyl and is even durable enough for that classic daily driver. The seat has a steel frame, comes with a pair of sliding rails and even reclines to help get that comfortable fit when you slide into your ride. Procar’s line of seats even come with a pocket in the back of the seat, which is necessary if you need an atlas for those road trips.

Speedway Motors also carries a classic style low back vinyl seat from ProCar; item 9101400. This seat comes in black, tan, and white. This seat definitely has that '70's look and would be a great addition to any muscle car or cruiser.

Procar seats can be mounted in any car with the use of a universal mount; 9108115. However, Speedway Motors also offers bolt in floor mount brackets for the following cars.

  • 68-72 Chevelle with OE Bench seat – 91070034
  • 64-67 Chevelle – 91070033
  • 66-67 Nova – 91070036
  • 68-74 Nova with OE Bench seat – 91070037
  • 65-70 Mustang – 91070039
  • 70-74 Camaro/Firebird – 91070032

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