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Speedway Tech Talk - LS1 Fuel Delivery Kit

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Speedway Motors employee Pat O. takes some time to talk about an LS1 Fuel Delivery system option available at Speedway Motors.

If you’re running an LS swap in your project of choice, you know getting the right amount of fuel to it can be a challenge. The first kit that Pat talks about comes with a Walbro fuel pump, capable of feeding up to 500 horsepower applications. It also comes with a fuel filter/fuel regulator assembly, and all associated fittings for both the fuel pump and the fuel filter/fuel regulator assembly. The fittings are built with an o-ring inside of them to help maintain a seal on the line and prevent any leaks. Pat also offers a few tips for mounting the kit, as well as an option for those of you running an LS1 from a truck application where your fuel regulator is already built into the fuel rail.

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