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Speedway Motors to Debut New Products at 52nd Annual Street Rod Nationals

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(Lincoln, Neb. Aug., 5) Speedway Motors announced today a list of new products that will be debuted Aug. 5-8 at National Street Rod Association’s (NSRA) 52nd Annual Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Ky.

The new products add to their existing offering of more than 250,000 products for street, race, muscle and truck. The new tech and products that will be featured at NSRA include:

Speedway Motors Offset Leaf Spring Pad kit (PN 54585091) is the perfect solution for those fabricating a new leaf spring rear suspension system where there is a potential need for adjustable axle housing placement for such concerns as tire clearance or axle setback. These made-in-the-USA leaf spring pads are manufactured from .250-inch-thick high-quality steel and are laser-cut and CNC-machined for precise fitment to any 3-inch axle tube, such as the famed Ford 9-inch, GM 10 and 12 bolt rears, and others. The leaf spring pad features a drop in offset key that provides up to a 1/2-inch of adjustment fore/aft in 1/4-inch increments per side. These inserts sit in a machined pocket in our offset leaf spring pads, requiring no welding, allowing future adjustment of the axle housing if suspension or tire changes deem an axle position update is warranted. These weld-on leaf spring pads work with all standard leaf spring locating pins and 2-1/2-inch width leaf spring assemblies. Their offset leaf spring pads ship in bare steel finish, ready for welding to your cleaned and prepped 3-inch axle tubes.

There’s something about a hot rod with a pair of aluminum bomber style seats and a big, oversized shifter rising up between them that will have enthusiasts of all ages taking a long admiring look at your interior. They not only look cool but harken back to the traditional hot rod builds of the ’40s and ’50s. Today you can have that cool bomber seat look for your hot rod build with our Lightened Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seat DIY Kit (PN 91070199). Speedway Motors DIY bomber seat kit features a traditional-looking bomber seat design with 2-inch dimple die holes on the seatback and bottom for strength and lighter weight. The bomber seat is designed with a 13-degree seatback angle and 22-1/2-inch seatback height for comfort on those long cruises. A 17-inch seat width fits most body types and the .340-inch rolled bead edging helps further strengthen the seat design while adding some ingress/egress comfort. The 3-7/8-inch seatbelt slots ensure you stay safe with either 2-inch or 3-inch lap belt accommodation. These .090-inch-thick bomber seats are shipped unassembled and require assembly with the included solid, aviation-style rivets for the perfect period look. A 6-degree thigh kick-up integrated into the base of the seat provides that critical thigh support on long drives that keeps leg cramps away. The bomber seat panels come pre-cut and drilled, ready for you to assemble with the included rivets

There is no denying that the first-generation Mustang helped fuel the “pony car” wars and is still an extremely popular classic to own today. The first-generation Mustang was built using many off-the-shelf parts from the Ford Falcon, including its suspension, which saved money but introduced many compromises. Speedway Motors bolt-in Three-Way Coilover Shock Conversion Kit (PN 91064899) for the 1965-1966 Mustang aims to correct one such compromise by providing a high-quality aluminum coilover shock system with fully adjustable ride height and damping. Based around PRO Shocks’ new aluminum small body threaded coilover shocks, which feature three-way adjustability of your ride (soft, medium, and firm), silver powder-coated 450 lb/in coilover springs are added along with application-specific upper and lower coilover mounts to make this kit a direct bolt-in conversion. The spring rate was chosen to work with most V-8 engine applications. The lower shock mount replaces the stock spring perch assembly while the upper mount is a custom-fabricated and welded mount that replaces the Mustang’s stock upper shock mount on the spring towers. The custom-profiled coilover springs sit on a threaded, adjustable seat for ride height adjustment at the shock and are designed to fit into the stock spring tower pocket on the body to ensure the vehicle’s weight is supported in the factory location. There is no modification required to the vehicle!

When you’re racing, you want to keep things clean and simple. This means come race day, you have one less thing to worry about—and if an issue does arise, you can easily access the problem part and swap it out to stay in the race to grab that checkered flag. Charging systems are critical to a race car’s ability stay on track and ahead of the pack. Ignition systems, gauges and more are all lifeline systems that require a solid charging system. There’s a lot going on at the front of your race car’s small block Chevy engine and we’ve solved the issue of just where to mount your alternator with our Low Mount Alternator Bracket (PN 91667997) for mini alternator mounting. Compatible with our mini 1-wire “Denso” style alternators, such as our PN 2891004 and PN 91667999, this black powder-coated steel bracket exudes strength and reduces flexing and twisting that could damage alternator bearings or throw a belt mid race! It mounts directly to the left front of your small block Chevy and keeps the alternator low and out of the way and will clear most any belt drive system you may be using. All hardware is included for a direct bolt-on solution to your alternator mounting needs in your race car.

It is imperative that race car drivers have all controls within their reach when properly strapped into their racing seat. This is especially true of open cars where arm restraints are a sanctioning body or track requirement. Speedway Motors Fabricated Aluminum Race Car Center Console (PN 91089650) is the perfect solution to ensure all critical switch gear like toggles, push buttons, brake bias knobs, and more are within quick and easy reach. The 14-gauge fabricated aluminum console is dimple die punched for strength and to reduce weight, both important in a race car. The flanges are angled to allow direct mounting right on the transmission tunnel of your race car with the included fasteners. Available in a bare plain finish or black powder coat finish, our fabricated aluminum console is just what your race car needs to house those critical controls to keep your race car running its best heat after heat. Simply design your own layout and drill the necessary holes for switches, buttons, and indicator lights, or use a pre-made switch panel by simply cutting the necessary clearance opening. The console neatly tucks away all switch and light wiring, keeping your race car’s tunnel clutter free.

The classic 45-fin Buick brake drums have become an iconic nod to hot rodding early Fords, and if you’re looking to run the famed finned Buick drums you no longer have to seek out swap meet parts of questionable roadworthiness that require extensive modification to fit your stock wide-five Ford/Lincoln front drum brake setup thanks to our new Buick-Style Polished Finned Brake Drums (PN 91065496). These are brand new 12-inch aluminum castings featuring authentic 45-fin bodies and using a steel brake lining within for long-lasting service life with any 2-inch brake drum lining. These new drums feature the factory Ford 5 x 5.5-inch bolt pattern and are CNC-machined to fit over 1937-1948 Ford hubs and our own PN 91065420 1937-1948 Bendix brake setup as well. The drums are computer balanced (no ugly weights added) and then vibratory polished for a great look behind open face or spoked wheels (not compatible with Kelsey Hayes or original Ford wire wheels, just like original Buick drums). The aluminum drum saves weight and looks great doing it on your hot rod!

When building a custom hot rod or classic truck, often chassis and suspension modifications can limit the location of the fuel tank or prevent you from using the stock location. Once you’ve secured a new tank location and mounted your fuel tank, your next problem becomes how to fill said tank. If a direct pass through to the tank isn’t possible you will need to mount a filler opening with a length of filler hose/pipe. Speedway Motors Positive Locking Flip-Up Gas Cap (PN 91603092) offers a vintage retro appearance with a unique positive locking cap design that is integrated into the filler pipe body. With this design you’ll never leave your fuel cap behind at a gas station ever again! The aluminum filler pipe is designed to use standard 1.5-inch fuel filler hose, while the 6061-billet aluminum cap is finished in a bright machined look that is framed with stainless steel Allen head cap screw mounting bolts. The flip-up gas cap assembly comes with two body gaskets for mounting to any steel or fiberglass flat body panel.

Six-volt vehicles are prone to hard starting, low light output, and other issues that can create a stressful time behind the wheel and no one wants that. Upgrading to a 12-volt charging system solves all these problems, but often fitting a larger 12-volt battery where the original 6-volt battery was housed isn’t much fun either. This is especially true of the 1947-1954 Chevy pickups with their diminutive frame mounted battery tray found under the passenger floor. To make life easier for these Chevy owners going the 12-volt route, we have designed this 1947-1954 Chevy Battery Tray (PN 91047545) that fits the extremely popular Optima Redtop 9004-003AGM 12-volt battery. The tray is made from heavy gauge steel and powder-coated for a long life in the elements and is a direct-fitting replacement tray. Simply drill out the old mounting rivets and bolt this tray in place with the included heavy duty 3/8-inch diameter mounting hardware. The stock-style tray allows the user to easily replace or service the battery through the OEM floor mounted access door and the tray features access holes for the transmission crossmember bolts, only requiring removal of the battery and not the whole tray for transmission crossmember removal.

Speedway Motors Nostalgia and Hot Rod fixed body steering columns are quite popular. They are offered in several lengths and their slim bodies really help in small cars like T-buckets. Their only downside is they do not come equipped with built-in turn signals, requiring you to use either a rudimentary “clamp on” unit or a manual toggle switch on the dash. If you’re looking for a clean turn signal solution for your Speedway Motors column, search no further! Speedway Motors Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Retrofit Kit (PN 910310311) is just the ticket. This turn signal system installs easily on your Speedway Motors Nostalgia or Hot Rod column and provides modern self-cancelling turn signals right at your fingertips. Installation requires minor trimming of your steering column outer tube and drilling and tapping two small mounting holes for the turn signal retaining collar. Wiring includes left and right signal output, a signal wire for a dash indicator and an optional wire output for a turn signal lever mounted button for horn or headlight dimmer. The turn signal switch does not have provisions for brake light pass through, so your turn signals and brake lights must be on different circuits/lamps at the rear of your hot rod.

Ben Smithson’s 1932 Chevy Coupe will be on display in Speedway Motors’ booth at NSRA Street Rod Nationals. Previously featured on the cover of Speedway Motors catalog and "Street Rodder," Smithson’s coupe features a number of Speedway Motors products, including Ford 9 Inch Clutch-Style Posi Differential Third Members, Ford 9 Inch Rear End Housing and Axles, Chrome Headlight with Turn Signal, Red Taillight Assembly among others.

For more information about Speedway Motors new products visit

About Speedway Motors, Inc.

Speedway Motors is a manufacturer, retailer and distributor of high-quality automotive parts and racing products. Since 1952, Speedway Motors has been committed to providing a broad selection of high-quality, affordable automotive parts—delivered quickly, efficiently and without any hassles. Their products and expert advice are available to customers by calling 1.800.979.0122, online or at retail stores in Lincoln, Neb. and Tolleson, Ariz.

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