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LS Fest 2018


Holley LS Fest is a unique event. The obvious thread that ties it all together is the GM Generation III and up V8 engine. Once you've slid one of these powerplants between your fenders, you're welcome here. This yields a staggering variety of vehicles, from stock Corvettes and Camaros to crazy drag cars, rock crawlers, and even Volkswagens. We even saw a twin-turbo Nissan Sentra. Anything goes.

Not only do you see unexpected cars here, you see cars doing unexpected things. In this case, a Chevy Fleetline tackles the autocross.

Now take that crazy mash-up of cars and set them all in motion. This isn't an event where you sit in lawn chairs and drink tea. Staged at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, there is a drag strip, autocross course, and miles of curvy roads surrounding the track. These elements conspire to make the static show and shine a relatively small portion of the show. Cars were meant to be driven, right?

Late-model muscle is not hard to find at LS Fest, and more often than not these cars have been built to the hilt.
Can't get a big enough tire on your slammed, LS powered Duster? Well, here's your solution. This car was running hard all weekend.

Speedway set up shop in vendors row and had a pretty good view of the action all weekend. Here are a few shots that we were able to grab while we weren't talking to customers or rolling around under our own race cars.

Team Speedway was represented by Robby Unser in the '70 Camaro. Robby hilariously placed second and third Saturday's autocross shootout driving the Camaro and Team Speedway's '65 Nova. One driver, two cars. Not bad.
It rained Sunday. A lot. But that didn't stop the Grand Champion competitors from flogging their cars through the puddles in the 3S challenge.

The beautiful weekend was only slightly dampened by the rain on Sunday. We made the best of the rainy day by seeking shelter in the National Corvette Museum, which is right up the road from the track. Check it out if you're in the area, there's a ton of Corvette cars and memorabilia that you're not going to find anywhere else.

They build Corvettes in Bowling Green. That makes it the perfect spot for the National Corvette Museum. We hid from the rain and soaked up some Corvette history.
How many of you had a toy or model of the Corvette Indy? This was a pretty radical concept in the late 80's, and with talk of a mid-engine Corvette right around the corner, this car is more relevant than ever.

By the way, what was Speedway's Project Chevelle doing at LS Fest with racing numbers in the windows? Interesting question. Stay tuned and it'll all make sense, we promise.

Is that Speedway's Project Chevelle? On a drag strip, at LS Fest? Yes it is. More on that later...
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No shortage of big turbo cars here.
Even the show cars seem to be in constant motion at LS Fest.
Not your typical autocross ride, this truck looked and sounded great going around the cones.
We loved this four-door Nova, which looked rough but ran hard. Here it is leaving with daylight under the front tires.
Late model, old school, or somewhere in between. All are welcome so long as it's LS motivated.

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