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Ford AOD Transmission Kickdown Kit

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Lets talk about AOD Kickdown Kits

Speedway Motors employee Pat O. takes a couple minutes to talk about the Ford Automatic OverDrive Kickdown kits and brackets available here at Speedway Motors. Pat brought in two Lokar kits to talk about. Both of these kits are designed to run a Ford AOD (Automatic OverDrive) transmission when it is bolted to a small block or big block Ford with a 4 barrel carburetor.

Front Return Spring

Pat first talks about the return spring bracket kit that mounts on the left corner of the 4 barrel carburetor. That kit has a dual spring that links up to the lower throttle arm of the carburetor. The other Lokar kit that Pat brought in is the kickdown cable kit that actually attaches directly to the return spring kit bracket. This kit has an arm that also connects to the lower throttle arm of the carburetor, and has some adjusters back on the bracket to set it correctly. That cable is attached to the transmission arm. Looking for the correct components to hook up a Ford aod transmission to a small block or big-block Ford using a four-barrel carburetor well here at Speedway we offer two low car kits to make that happen.

Front Clip

We have the return spring bracket kit which this bracket mounts off the left corner of the carburetor it does have a dual spring that connects up at the lower throttle arm of the carburetor we then have the kickdown cable kit and that has a bracket that bolts directly to that return spring bracket. It does have an arm that comes up and connects on that same lower arm as the return spring bracket and then down is a couple adjusters to tighten that up from there we run down the cable to your transmission and the transmission arm bolts on down there and then on to the carburetor. So with these two kits that will make a complete deal to run your for DOD transmission to your four-barrel carburetor on your small-block or big block Ford if you have any questions about these kit components or anything that we have here at Speedway give us a call or ask our Chat!

Full Kit

With these two kits you will able to properly run your Ford AOD (Automatic OverDrive) transmission. To look at these products, and the other kickdown components available at Speedway Motors, click here.

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