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T-5 Transmission

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You can use many different T5s but it is easiest to use a T5 from a Chevrolet S10 or a GMC Sonoma pickup. If you use a T5 from a Camaro, the shifter will sit at an angle. If you use a T5 from a Ford, you will need special bell housing.

  • They're easy to find.
  • Gearshift position is close to that of old Ford transmission top-shifters.
  • Ratios are a good match to most flattie vehicles
  • Early years have mechanical speedometers, later models have electric speedometers.
  • Removable bell housing is a must!
  • S10 transmissions have 1" 14-spline input shaft.
  • Camaro transmissions have 11/8" 26-spline input shaft.
  • Ford transmissions have 11/16" 10-spline input shaft.

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