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Built With Speedway Motors: Ron's '37 Chevy Sedan Legend Car

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Legend Cars are cool. In case these little guys don't run at your local track, here's a quick overview: imagine a 5/8-scale replica of the coupes and sedans that stormed the country's dirt ovals in NASCAR's early days. They run water-cooled motorcycle engines that are more than enough to sling the 1200 pound cars around the track at well over 100mph. This story came to us from Ron Horton, who calls himself "The World's Oldest Rookie." We love Ron's outlook and his story and we're honored to share it here.

Ron Horton poses proudly with his Legends Chevy.

I am "The World's Oldest Rookie." My 1st race was at age 72, and no one (around here) has started their first race even close to that age. The #165 is the number my dad raced with in 1949-50 when I was only 1 1/2 years old, so I never saw him race. We spent years going to races and wishing we could afford to put me behind the wheel.

Ron shows the diminutive stature of his car. These things may be small, but they are serious racecars.

After a tragic loss in 2020, I decided my bucket list wasn't getting any shorter, so I bought the Legend and have six races at New Hampshire Motor Speedway to my credit so far. My sponsors are Oglethorpe University, where my daughter was a student, and LJ Dezign, who loved my story and decided to sponsor me and make my tee shirts and hats.

One legend car has a cool look, but seeing a group of them buzzing around the track really does take you back to the dirt tracks of post-war America.

We are reaching speeds approaching 120 MPH, and I've only been in the tire barrier once, due to a learning curve bad entry of a turn.

The sticker says it all.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Ron, and for proving to all of us that it's never too late to chase your dreams!

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