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What Size of Exhaust Pipe Do I Need?

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Does the size of the exhaust pipe matter?

Simply put yes, the size of your exhaust pipe and mufflers makes a difference in the performance of your vehicle. Too small of an exhaust pipe size and you will restrict your engine of the horsepower it is capable of. Too large of an exhaust pipe size can also hinder performance, especially low RPM torque. For choosing the proper exhaust pipe size refer to our handy chart below. This chart reflects the proper exhaust tubing size for most V8 engines with dual exhaust.

Recommended Exhaust Tubing Sizes for Dual Exhaust
How is Exhaust Pipe Measured?

Exhaust pipe size is measured as an outside diameter measurement. This is an industry standard measurement for all metal tubing. Since exhaust pipe is technically tubing by the steel industries standards, such as ASTM, it is measured as an outside diameter. Note: You may also see outside diameter abbreviated as OD.

Exhaust pipe size is found by measuring the Outside Diameter (O.D.) of the tube, this is true for all metal tubing

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