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Weekly Community Roundup 6/6

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As these weeks go by, many of us are isolated from the car community that we count on for feedback and encouragement. Fortunately, you guys are willing to share your progress and projects with us on social media, and we love seeing what you're up to. So, until we can all get back together in the shop, here are some of our favorites from the week.

We posted a shot of a clean straight axle Nova drag car:

I have been lucky enough to watch this make a run down the strip. -Mac N. (Thanks Mac, we would never have guessed a Nova drag car with a straight six!)

Me too! -Mike R.

On Wednesday, we asked what you were working on:

Trying to get it started. -Randall F.

Working on welding in seat mounting points on my street stock. -Bob W.

We posted a picture of a coupe with a blown big block and asked "who else is running a blower on the street?"

Chuck's 51 Henry J. Cruised 400 miles last Sunday in it!!! -Terri J.

Just up the road in Omaha! -Matt C.

41 Ford p.u. 383 Chevy, 6-71 blower. -Jim B.

Classic Truck Tuesday is always one of our favorite days:

37 Chevy Pickup named Harley. -Daniel P.

It’s no hot rod but I painted and touched every nut and bolt and piece of wood myself. Truly a love hate relationship. But I learned a lot! -Tom J. (Tom: hot rod or not, we love this.)

454 - TH400 - Mopar 8.75" Sure Grip. -Mark W.

"What's on your engine stand?"

Ford 390 30 over with 390 crank and Rods Keith black Pistons, Ford C6AE Aluminum intake manifold, C7 428 Cam, Edelbrock Aluminum Heads with roller rockers, Holley 750 Double Pumper Polished... almost ready to go in my 1966 Mercury Comet... -Eric S.

Very healthy 350 sbc 10.5:1 compression. Eagle fully balanced rotating assembly, forged flat top pistons, full floating rods. Thumper Comp cam. 200 cfm aluminum heads. And other goodies. -Manuel O.

Chrysler Hemi +TH350 for my '32 roadster. -Mike S.

Thanks for sharing! Want to be featured next week? Join our community here.

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