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Weekly Community Roundup 5/30

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As we all adjust to a car show season without car shows and a race season without racing, these weekly check-ins have become very important to us. Thanks for sharing your cars and projects with us, we can't wait to see you all out on the road or at the track very soon!

Last week, we asked you to show off your ride on #MuscleMonday and you showed up with a bunch of pro streeters:

51 Triumph Mayflower pro-street. Blown SBC. -Kevin D.

78 Cobra II with a big block, four link back half, and Speedway Motors 11 inch front brake kit. It helps with the manual brakes and around 600hp. -Steven N.

My pro street truck with a 632 in it with two kits of nitrous, Ford 9", 32 by 18.50. -Kevin B.

We got some great responses to our gasser post:

63 Nova MadRatRacing. -Travis R.

My son (17) and I with our Henry’s we are building. Both have speedway axles and quite a few other speedway parts in them. -Jay E.

On Wednesday, we asked what you were working on:

Easy day, just fitting a stock bumper on the 6.0 Taco... -Ja S.

32 street rod. -Chuck H.

It will run again, some day! -JD H.

We placed a bet that there wasn't a Vega funny car in your driveway:

Thank you!!! Here's another view... -Pat N.

How about a funny Vega car? -Marty M.

Just an old '36 Ford Coupe Dirt Modified My girl - "Winnie Coupa." -Art W.

Just my funny looking car. -Todd D.

Russ showed up to reveal a secret. Remember the clean Fleetline that we posted last week? Would you have guessed it was packing a supercharged 5.3 LS?

47 Chev Aero, was one of your cars last week. 5.3 LS, with Whipple Super Charger. -Russ P.

In response to last week's roundup:

Packed full of speedway parts!! And it’s race day!!!! -Mike A.

Want to be featured next week? Join our community here.

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