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Weekly Community Roundup 4/27

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Community is a big part of our hobby. Friends (and sometimes strangers) help us out with our projects, inspire us, push us to work harder, and are there with congratulations when we finally hit the road or track. With many of us stuck at home and our shows and races cancelled, we need that community now more than ever.

Even if we can't be together at the show or the track, we can check in here and share our progress. Thank you all for sharing and being part of our community. Here are some highlights from the week:

This is my second love. The same year truck I had in high school, just now I have more knowledge and little more money! -David C.

My current project is this '41 Ford pickup. Thanks for letting me share. -Ron S.

My son bolting the oil pan on the hard way before installing the 283 into our 87 S10. -Jasen G.

Finished a 69 GTO,now the 71 Chevelle is next. It's a real SS but needs some attention. The suspension is done,more to come. -Lisa B.

Father and son. -Jesse G.

1.8L Pontiac SOHC 4 for an ‘82 J2000 road racer. Stock displacement, JE flat top pistons, Isky cam, long-tube header, Dellorto DHLA 40s on a Lynx intake manifold I had to get from Australia. Who knows, it may even run when I’m done with it. -Kurtis G.

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2016, over the last 3 years while endearing chemo, blood clots and strokes I found the garage to be very therapeutic ,physically and are a few projects I have completed. -David H.

Small block with some Speedway aluminum double humps and a tunnel ram, going in my son’s 36 Chevy pickup. -Andrew M.

My 56 hemi dodge gasser with speedway straight axle and ladder bar setup! Cant wait to finish it! -Andrew V.

I just installed the baby moons and the radiator overflow tank from Speedway (work in progress). -Bruce F.

My 7 year old son being taught how to spot weld on my 52 Plymouth chop top. -Tony J.

Bought this in Washington state dragged it home a year and a little just got reborn last night...loud and mean. -Dale S.

Was my uncle's. He restores them, I however am going just the opposite, big block and all. -Randy H.

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