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Weekly Community Roundup 4/20


Kevin’s shop tour brought out a lot of great family stories—learning cars with dad, working in his shop, and building cars with grandparents. We’ve also got quite a few racers itching to get back out there. You’re not alone, there.

Thanks to Ron, Lars, Randy, Craig, Mark, Michael, Joe, Chris, Terry, Phil and Steve for sharing your projects.

We’re putting this together every week. It's hard to know what’s going on if we can’t all get together in one place! And this nice weather lately has us itching for a good car show. While it’s not quite in-person, it's good to know we’re still working on cars and our projects keep coming together.

"I learned to wrench on cars in my dad's garage, too. He was a street rod guy, did custom body paint and when I was a baby he turned wrenches for the famous Nicky Chevrolet in Chicago. It's mostly gone, now since he passed but I still have a couple of his old roll away Craftsman boxes filled with vintage American made tools. Here is my '71 Chevelle he painted for me when I was 20." - Ron S.

"Great story, I also live in the house I was raised in and have all my dad's 45 years of tools and stuff." - Lars G.

"1964 c10 , 350 Muncie m21 4 speed 3.73 posi. Lowered 3/4. Big brake kit." - Randy K.

"Getting her ready for 2020 season Defending 2019 mini stock track championship." - Craig V.

"I just spent the day cleaning and organizing..." - Mark W.

"Hand built, old school.....that means I did everything in my house garage...." - Michael M.

"I have always been fascinated with Flatheads, now I can finally say I own one" - Joe S.

"1954 Ford ranch wagon. Grandfather and mines project." - Chris D.

"Just patched floors and new floor braces to install new carpet in my 64 Bel Air this winter. Sometimes challenging but take your time and mark things, measure a bunch, write things down, cut shy of your marks and fit as you go." - Terry K.

"51 GMC in garage & 65 f100 on side drive." - Phil H.

"Ready to race my "retro super" mod lite. Been out 10 years, and eager to get back in it." - Steve S.

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