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The Many Uses of a Model A Taillight

The Many Uses of a Model A Taillight

Finding a custom look for your motorcycle is no different in principle than when you're building a car. When it comes to the details, finding a look that complements the overall style of your project is just as important as anything else. After all, dedicating time to the detail work can truly set your project aside from the rest.

Whether you're building an old school chopper, cafe bike, or anything in-between, the model A tail light always seems to fit the bill. You can’t go wrong with a classic look - perhaps why they are such a popular choice for many projects.

Wiring and installation couldn’t be easier. Most designs come with a two-wire hookup and are  grounded through the housing. I went for Speedways’ LED version (PN 91127002-L) for my XS650 project. As a bonus, the 30 + year old charging system needed all the help it could get. LEDs should draw less voltage/amperage than a standard bulb causing less of load on the factory charging system. Not to mention, when braking I feel safer knowing the LEDs are very bright in daylight and even better at night.

I ordered the left-hand assembly which comes with an integrated license plate light. It’s a perfect match anytime you’re mounting a license plate along with your bracket. Installation is as easy as finding an axle bracket designed to work with a model A housing. Most brackets will come with slotted mount holes to accommodate a variety of tail light manufactures.

One tip: Since these tail lights ground through the housing, make sure to have a clean connection between the bracket and housing. You may need to carefully clean-off a small bit of paint where the housing bolts fasten.

Beyond motorcycle applications, you can mount these tail lights to nearly any custom project. I’ve seen them used on rat rods, t-buckets, and even car trailers. You might also check out Speedways’ model A bracket (PN 91127005) that can be used on a variety of applications as well.

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