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The Best of SEMA 2018

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Well we've mostly caught up on our sleep after getting home from Las Vegas and the 2018 SEMA show. As such, we thought it was about time to share some of the new, cool, and wacky stuff that we spotted there. Words can't do justice to the overwhelming spectacle that happens when our entire industry gets together to party and show off their latest and greatest. So we'll let the pictures do the talking.

We'll share a few albums of shots taken throughout the week, starting with some of our absolute favorite cars pictured below.

We loved this Duster with a decidedly hot-rod vibe. Built by Goolsby Customs from an Eric Black rendering, it was hard to get the crowds to part long enough to get a shot of it.
Check out this interior! Simultaneously high-tech and 70's retro. We love the pistol-grip shifter and that funky fabric.
This Henry J was built by Dave Shuten at Galpin Auto Sports and is typical of the ridiculously great stuff that comes out of his shop. The psychedelic panel-paint job landed it in the House of Kolor booth.
Here's the 2018 Goodguys Street Machine of the Year and SEMA Battle of the Builders winner on display in the ARP booth. Black cars do not get any straighter than this one. We also approve of the engine color.
Mike Finnegan of Roadkill fame brought out his '55 Chevy powered by a blown hemi. They changed the blower in the parking lot on move-in day.
In a sea of cars screaming for your attention, this subtle Merc was a breath of fresh air.
The stock dash and steering wheel are perfect in the smooth Mercury pictured above.
Say what you will about a brand new supercar mixed in with all the old favorites, but you can't deny that the new Ford GT is a beautiful car.
Here's the 2018 Ridler winner, a much-modified '57 Chevy that was constantly surrounded by a crowd.
Yes, it's a Beetle, but it's powered by a 215 Buick V8 where the backseat used to be. Note the '53 Buick side trim under the exhaust "portholes."
The last time we saw this Troy Trepanier-built deuce roadster it was displayed as one of the 75 most influencial '32 Fords at the 2007 Grand National Roadster Show. It's just as impressive now as it was then.
Here's the beautiful hemi-powered '36 Ford roadster built by Nebraska's own Dale Boesch.
Remember when Mavericks were throw-away cars? We've seen several lately that have been given the pro-touring treatment and they actually look pretty good.
Historically, it's hard to make an Edsel cool. This one is about the best we've seen.
Chip Foose debuted his new '57 Chevy convertible. The man himself is standing behind the car talking to one of his many fans.
Chevy made a big splash at SEMA with its eCOPO electric drag car. We were more excited about the real '69 COPO displayed with it. No electric motors here, just 427 cubes of all-aluminum, L88-headed V8.

For more from SEMA, check out our favorite race cars and a few of the engines that got our attention.

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