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Steering Column Wiring Tips


Wiring up your new steering column can seem like a terrifying task. The truth is not as bad as you think. You may be concerned that you could wire up something wrong, and that’s why our friends at ididit, Inc. put together a short video outlining what you’ll find when it comes time to make the “connection.

Custom columns are clean, smooth, and simple. At least, that is what they look like on the outside. There are still precise mechanical connections being made, as well as the overly feared electrical connection. Marty at ididit, Inc. stepped up to help take some of the mystery out of wiring up your column and getting it set up in your vehicle.

You’ll see Marty walk you through each step of the steering column wiring process, pointing out what wire goes where, and how to install those wires so that your column will function properly. He will also tell you what each wire’s function is and the corresponding letter on the actual harness plug it connects to. Marty also shows some tips on how to troubleshoot your wiring if you are having some issues.

In this second video Kyle, one of ididit, Inc.’s Sales reps, shows us what to expect when it comes time to connect the steering column wiring to your vehicle’s existing wiring harness, or one of Speedway Motor's' 12 Circuit Wiring Harnesses. Kyle shows you a “trick of the trade” for removing the individual wires from the steering column wiring harness plug, and how to reinstall them after you are done fixing them. He will also show you how to assemble the female end of the plug, from crimping the wire in the new end, to locking it in place on the steering column wiring plug.

Keep in mind when assembling the plug; the steering column wiring is function to function, not color to color. Some vehicles use different color wires for different functions, and they may not match up to the wires that came in your steering column wiring kit.

Once you’ve finished watching the videos, take a moment to browse the selection of components available through Speedway Motors by clicking here.

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