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Steering Box Adjustment

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In this Tech Tip, John shares some tips with a customer about adjusting a steering box he got from us recently.

“Greetings, I recently purchased a 91032277 steering box. The box does not seem to be adjusting correctly. I have adjusted the box until the adjusting screw would stop moving and I still have over one inch free play. I have driven the vehicle for about five miles and the box is tight. I back off the screw and I have too much free play in the steering wheel. I double and triple checked all of the steering components and they are all tight and operating as designed. This steering box is the same style as the steering box I replaced. With the steering box adjusted to where the wheel has about one inch of travel (Although it is closer to two inches of free play) the steering feels tight I need to keep correcting the car in the lane. Please advise, at the moment I am not very happy with this steering box.”

Hi, thanks for the question. You inquired about a steering box you purchased under number 91032277 and we apologize for the issues you are having. The main thing in adjusting the box is first to center the box from lock to lock. Then make sure the pitman arm is pointing straight ahead or straight back (depending on your application) and that the wheels are also pointing straight ahead. If the box isn’t centered when adjusted it will get tight while off center and too loose when in the center. Give this a shot, and you may have to clock the pitman arm differently and then reset. If it is still no good give us a call and we can gladly exchange it for another. Feel free to visit us on the web at or call 1-800-979-0122 with questions or to place an order.

  • John W.

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