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Spring-Over Axle Kit Q&A

Tags: Tech, Hot Rod, Street

In this Tech Tip, a customer has a few questions for John about one of our spring over axle kits.

“Hi, I have a few questions about your spring over 4" drop axle, P/N 91339005.

  • Where do I weld the batwing to the tube from the center line?
  • What should the camber be, and should it negative for a straight ride?
  • Is there an adapter to bolt a shock mount on?
  • How far back should the hairpin mounts be on the frame and how far down should they be placed from the top of the frame?”

You inquired about our Spring-Over Axle kit, P/N 91339005 and about some specifications. These dimensions can vary according to the spring you are using on top of the axle. In the particular kit you referenced the Hairpin/radius rod brackets are spaced 32" apart. The spring used is a 26". Camber is preset into the axle depending whether Ford or Chevy and they are not the same. The Ford is set at 8 degrees and Chevy at 4 1/4. Caster is lean back of the axle at the top and when the axle is set up in the car should be between 5-7 degrees positive. There are many options for shock mounts but the easy way is to use a shackle with the shock stud, P/N 715175. The location for the hairpin brackets and how far down depends on your spring mount or cross member location in the frame, and the caster you are setting into the axle. Feel free to visit us on the web at or call 1-800-979-0122 with questions or to place an order.

  • John W.

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