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Speedway Motors Week to Wicked Final Finale: The Aftermath of the Week-LONG Build

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Looking back on it now, the Speedway Motors Week to Wicked 1952 Chevy build came and went like a flash. But, despite making the deadline with barely two hours to spare Friday night—as the rain poured and many of you were asleep in your warm beds—it wasn’t a process without its various obstacles to maneuver around…

Not being Classic Trucks’ first non-scripted, actual M-F gitterdone rodeo adventure, the “home” team (TEN Tech Center) had the advantage of expecting a curveball or two along the way. And fortunately, the “away” team (Speedway Motors) was quick to respond and rebound from minor issues such as having to swap the LS3’s oil pan for a Holley low-profile pan or accommodate the larger engine’s girth by adjusting the brake pedal/booster location. Regardless, never arose a moment where anyone questioned whether or not the three-window pickup would fire, run, AND drive under its own power before the stroke of midnight on Day 5. (I will admit, there were a couple concerned looking faces as the clock struck 10pm Friday—but none of them had grease under their fingernails, either!)

We left off with Friday’s final update as the Speedway stainless exhaust (with their new coated dual-chamber mufflers) was being fit and TIG welded up by Ryan; Jason buttoned up and adjusted all the suspension and sheetmetal, double-checked all the computer connections and fluid fittings; and after Christian adjusted the four-link to center the rear end, he added all the necessary liquids. Then, as the entire remaining audience huddled around (avoiding the downpour outside), the fuel system was primed and ol’ yeller came to life the first click of the key—which could’ve been used for court evidence had the Facebook Live guys heard the “fire in the hole” cry!

The cold and literally drenched outside sent everyone home Friday night—but come Saturday morning, everyone was back, refreshed, and ready to lay some Falken rubber down onto the parking lot pavement. Jason and Christian did take some time to make some additional adjustments and whatnot, just to be safe considering five straight 12-hour-plus days can easily cause things to be overlooked. But as those who witnessed via the various FB live feeds—Speedway Motors Week to Wicked went up in smoke under a sunny SoCal sky!

If you happen to be out at the Pomona Fairplex for this weekend’s Grand National Roadster Show, make sure and pass through Building 6— the Speedway Motors truck will be on display in the TEN booth, so you can see for yourself that this was no reality TV con job…we gotterdone! If not, scroll over to get the whole rundown on all the non-factory components below all the 1952 Chevy’s bright yellow sheetmetal.

To see the article on the original page, and look at the additional photos, click here.

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