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Social Media Roundup Week 1

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Everyone knows community brings people together.

Over the years, our social media followers have come together to share what they’re working on, ask for advice, or simply get away from the world for a bit. In that time they’ve turned our Facebook page into something really cool, and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

That's why we’re starting a weekly social media roundup - some of the photos of what our followers are working on, stories about their cars, and the most eye-catching photos this week from our Facebook page.

Want to be featured next week? Join our community and conversations here.

“This "stay at home" period gives me time alone with my ride. She's almost finished, thanks to your parts and expedient delivery.” -Dave S.

“Found in a garage, property was condemned by the city. Company contracted to clear the property was gonna smash and load it with an excavator. Pulled out and saved at the last minute by my dad and I. Should be back on the road soon.” -Nick B.

“Made mine four-wheel-drive to go onto the beach.” -Elbert C.

“Got the motor going back in my Henry. Check out that speedway axle.” -Jay E.

“Thanks for posting my ride. I'm a big Speedway fan have used them for race cars and hot rods for years! Updated the wheels recently.” -Mike W.

“Just took it off the stand. But it's been on for weeks. BBC 427 with a Man-A-Fre intake and Gilmer Belt drive.” -Douglas B.

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