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SEMA 2019: Our Favorite Engines

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This nicely detailed late model hemi was found in a very unlikely place: the back of a Dodge Rampage. We're willing to bet that this little truckster is a real handful when the throttle blades twist open.
The Engines of SEMA

SEMA is all about over the top cars and displays. Same goes for engines. Big power gets big attention, and there's no shortage of insane powerplants. It's also a place to show off incredible craftsmanship, with some cars and engines appearing to be almost perfectly built, polished and detailed. Here are a few of our favorites from around the show.

This wild turbocharged six cylinder was found in a slammed early 60's panel truck. Turbochargers are all over the place at SEMA.
In a sea of the highest tech available, it's refreshing to see a good old Chevy big block. No, not that big block, this is a 348 or 409 that preceded the rat motor that we all know and love. This one was found in a beautifully understated '32 roadster.
This is the all aluminum, blown 528 inch hemi that powers the Blasphemi 55 Chevy to 8 second passes. We dig the EFI that's been made to work with the Hilborn 4-port.
Ohio George Montgomery was a pioneer in the use of turbochargers in drag racing. This beautiful twin turbo 429 Ford is a marvel of ingenuity built in a day when turbochargers were a mystery to most.
Turbo technology has come a long way since Ohio George's Mustang. The twin turbo 632 big block in JF Launier's Pontiac Acadian makes an insane 2,500 horsepower.
This nicely detailed, Borla injected LS is a standout on its own, but the fact that it's in a Kellison makes it that much more interesting.
This twin turbo Duramax was found in a C10 truck. The multiple holes in the hood give away that it's no small block Chevy underneath.
It's worth noting that this is the only Chevy small block in this group. This one is in a very clean T bucket.

Stick around for more from SEMA 2019. We'll be bringing you all the best cars and crazy stuff that we stumble across, so stay tuned!

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