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SEMA 2019: Our Favorite Cars From Day 1

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The Famous Cars of SEMA 2019

The SEMA show brings out the best the industry has to offer. That makes it a great place to spot that car build that you've been following on social media or that legendary piece of automotive history that you've always dreamed of seeing. With that in mind, our first dispatch from the 2019 show features a few of those famous cars that we spied at the show.

The "Uncertain T" Clone
This clone of the original is very well done.

Steve Scott built the "Uncertain T" in the early 60's, and it made some waves on the show circuit. The wild fiberglass body and aluminum frame landed it on the cover of Car Craft in 1965. This clone was built in New Zealand and is complete down to the injected nailhead, with only the right hand drive to give it away.

This clone of a 55 year old show car is getting plenty of attention amongst far more contemporary cars at SEMA 2019
This hemi powered 55 is all over the place these days.

Mike Finnegan's blown hemi powered 55 Chevy is fresh off a win in the gasser class at Hot Rod Drag Week. It runs 8's, gets driven on the street, and looks sinister sitting under the lights in Las Vegas. We love this car and never get tired of looking at it.

Fresh off a class win at the brutal Drag Week, Blasphemi cleans up pretty well.
The New C8 Corvette

There are few cars in the world right now that are more famous than the new Corvette. The long awaited yet controversial switch to a mid-engine configuration has completely altered the character of America's Sports Car. The cover came off last night and a throng of people have been surrounding it ever since. Love it or hate it, the Corvette is now a completely different animal.

The C8 has generated much hype all over the internet, but the C8R has created its own kind of buzz. Spy videos of the car on the track reveal a radical sounding powerplant, and everyone wants to know what it is.
The Rod Hall Bronco
Here is a pretty famous piece of off-road history.

Ford is teasing the 2020 Bronco at this year's SEMA show. As part of the festivities, they brought out this 1969 Mexican 1000 winning Bronco that was driven by off-road legend Rod Hall. It was very cool to see this truck in the flesh. And if that wasn't enough, that's the Parnelli Jones/Bill Stroppe Big Oly behind it.

Ohio George's Mustang Funny Car
Back in the day, before all funny cars looked the same, Ohio George was running this beautiful Twin-turbo Mustang.

An early favorite in the gasser wars of the 60's, Ohio George Montgomery was famous for running his light blue '33 Willys at tracks across the country. As technology rendered the Willys obsolete, George moved on to a series of Mustangs. Montgomery was also an early pioneer in turbocharging, and this car features a beautiful twin turbo Boss 429.

There's more to come...

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the week as we bring you the coolest and craziest that SEMA 2019 has to offer!

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