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SEMA 2019: '32 Ford Tudor

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Dave Shuten's '32 Ford Hot Rod
We love this sedan and its perfect mix of excellent craftsmanship and vintage funk.

Walking the halls and lots of SEMA, you will find yourself in the middle of an endless parade of outrageous, shiny, over the top cars with polished everything and thousands of horsepower. And then you stumble across something like this amazing '32 hot rod, and you're reminded of where this whole thing started in the first place.

This car looks great from every angle.

After seeing pictures of this car floating around on the internet, we were thrilled to see it in person. Dave Shuten put this car together using vintage components that he had collected over the years. The Ansen wheels are original from the 60's. And so is that paint. Look close and you can see signs of the years that have passed since the fogged panels were sprayed. All that makes for a perfectly worn in car that can be driven anywhere.

The blown engine adds a ton of hot rod attitude to the sedan.

One might expect a mild, three carb small block in a build like this. But this is a 383 with a 4-71 blower and it makes over 400 horsepower. The blower sits on a hard to find original Cragar intake, and the whole engine is perfectly dressed in early 60's speed goodies. The gauges in the firewall add to the 60's vibe.

The gauges in the firewall and the Chevy truck master cylinder are period perfect.

The interior is covered in white vinyl with gold piping, and it looks like a great place to pass some miles. The bucket seats, white three spoke wheel, and Ansen swing pedals are all perfect for this car. The dash is full of Stewart Warner gauges, including the very cool police speedometer in the center. The chrome garnish moldings are also a nice touch.

The interior may be our favorite part of the car.

It takes a lot to stand out at SEMA, but this little '32 really caught our attention. It's a great reminder of where this industry started. It's refreshing. It puts everything into perspective. And it stands out without even trying.

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