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In The Shop with Driven Racing Oil - Zinc

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Lake Speed Jr., of Driven Racing Oil, discusses the relationship between the zinc amount and its application.

First thing’s first, what is zinc? Lake explains that zinc is a polar molecule, like a magnet, and is attracted to steel or iron. It acts as a sacrificial barrier that protects the engine. In order to know the right amount of zinc for your vehicle, you must asses the amount of wear your car will experience. Without any protection from zinc, the wear is very high. With the right amount, it’s very low. If you use too much zinc, the wear will increase.

The right amount of zinc depends on the application. For example, a brand-new engine is going to need a higher level of zinc to establish the protective barrier. Driven Break-In oil is an excellent choice to use in this case. Race cars are going to need a lower level of zinc, but still enough to protect the engine under high amounts of stress. Hot Rods need an even lower amount to protect against wear during storage or cruising.

The important thing to remember about using zinc to guard your engine is that less is more in some cases. Always choose the motor oil with the zinc level that fits your car’s unique needs. Thanks for tuning in! If you have any questions, never hesitate to call our tech line for guidance.

Check out our previous video with Driven to learn How to Choose the Correct Motor Oil for Your Application.

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