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In the Shop with Driven Racing Oil - Synthetic vs. Mineral Oil


Lake Speed Jr., from Driven Racing Oil, discusses the differences between mineral and synthetic oil and how to choose between the two. Each type has strengths and weaknesses. Read on to learn about which kind will meet your car’s needs.

Synthetic oils are superior to mineral under extreme operating conditions. They also cool much better and provide greater cooling protection. Although they initially cost more than mineral oils, they last longer. When used in the right situation, synthetic could end up saving you money over time. Synthetic oils are usually the wiser choice if you're looking for the best cooling, maximum horsepower and longest oil life.

Mineral based oils cost less up front, but they need to be replaced more frequently than synthetic oils. A benefit of mineral oils is that they have a pressure viscosity coefficient, which causes the oil to act thicker under high pressures. Mineral oils also work well for very dirty environments. When there is a lot of dust and dirt particles in the air, you’ll have to change your oil regularly. In this case, using mineral oil over synthetic will save you money. Collector cars with original seals also work better with mineral oil. If you’re working with a new engine and need to break in the piston rings, mineral oil is the right choice. In these situations, synthetic oil would be too slippery.

In conclusion, there is no one size fits all “best oil”. The right motor oil choice will always depend on the type of vehicle and circumstances. It’s important to examine your unique case and weigh the pros and cons. Thanks for following along! We hope this video was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to call our tech line for support.

Watch Lake Speed Jr.'s previous video to learn How to Choose the Correct Motor Oil for Your Application.

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