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How to Use an Oil Filter Cutter

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Charles walks through how to use Speedway Motors' Oil Filter Cutter to open an oil filter. Before you start, it's a good idea to both grab a rag to catch spilling oil, and also to adjust your cutter to fit in your hang and on the filter. After finding yourself a secured grip, you can start turning the filter until it gets kind of easy to spin. And then you'll stop, put a little more tension on it, about a half a turn or so, and start spinning it again. After a few adjustments to the tension, you will hear a crack. Once that happens, you be able to check how your filter looks and how your engine is doing. For more details, watch the video or read the transcript below!

Video Transcript

Charles: "All right so today we're gonna show you how to use our oil filter cutter. A couple things you'll want to get first is a rag to catch some of the oil that might come out. Also you'll want to get it adjust it down a little bit to where it'll easily fit right on to your filter right when you first get it. That way you're not trying to hold the filter and adjust it at the same time. You'll also want a screwdriver sometimes the inside of the filter is a little tough to get out so that's always nice to have on hand just in case. So let's get started."

"You want to basically flip this over and get it onto your filter to where you can kind of grab it in one hand. And that'll allow you to put a little bit of tension on that wheel. And then once you kind of have it firm in your hand a little more tension on it so that blade will start to cut in, and from there if your right hand dominant I just find this a little easier. But you'll just start turning the filter until it gets kind of easy to spin. And then you'll stop, put a little more tension, on it about a half a turn or so and start spinning it again. Let that blade really cut into the sidewall and you can kind of see it cut into that sidewall of the filter."

"Another quarter turn or so and then keep spinning that filter and you'll be able to hear it kind of crack open right like that. And we can set it on down, back it out, and there's the inside of the filter. Pop that out and this guy will slide right out like that. And then from there you can kind of inspect your filter. See how your engine is doing, if there's any particles in there or what not. And go from there so hope you learned a little bit about our oil filter cutter today. Thank you so much for watching."

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