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Mud Cover Mounting Tabs and Locator Tool

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Numerous sanctioning bodies are requiring mud covers to be bolted to the wheel. They are also now requiring the mounting tabs to either be integral to the wheel or securely welded to wheel. Modifying your current wheel inventory can be easily done with the correct parts and tool from Speedway Motors.

Tools Required

Tab Locator Tool - Part # 910-07145



Tape Measure

1/4-20 bolt (3 or 4 depending on your cover)

7/16” Wrench

Parts Required

Weld Tab (Long) - Part number 910-07147 or

Weld Tab (Short) - Part number 910-07142

Shown below is a non-beadlock wheel and mud cover. Take a measurement from the center of the mud cover to the center of the mounting hole. Loosely bolt the weld on tab to the back of the tool using a 1/4-20 bolt. Slide the tab in the slot until the distance from the center of the Tab Locator Tool to the bolt center is the same as the previous measurement.

Next, tighten the bolt and repeat the process for each mounting hole location. With all the tabs bolted to the tab locator tool you can now lay it on the wheel. Mark the area where there will be welding and remove any coating in the weld area. Now you can weld each tab to the wheel. Unbolt the tab locator tool from each tab and you now have a legal wheel!

Trackside Tip

Keep a package of 1/4" Nut Tabs (Part # 910-07120) in your trailer. If you’re at the track and you damaged the threads of your mounting tab you can fix it quickly with the Nut Tab. Drill the threads out with a 5/16 or larger drill bit. Then use 1/8” pop rivets to attach the nut tab to the back side of the weld tab for a quick fix.

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