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How to Install a Braided Brake Line

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Plumbing any kind of fluid system can sometimes be very frustrating trying to find lines, hoses, or fittings that will get things from Point A to Point B. It seems like unless you have lines custom made either by yourself or someone else, something seems to not fit perfectly. I recently ran across that when running the rear brake lines on my Laguna. I tried solid lines, flexible hoses, and even a combination of both, to no avail. They were either too long, too short, or just didn't fit the contour and looked wrong. Speedway Motors saved the day again with their 32” Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose from Earl's Performance that can be found under Speedway Motors Part Number 425-63010232ER

The brake hose comes with a High Pressure AN3 PTFE Lined Hose which is excellent for brake fluid, and helps maintain a firm pedal feel. It has an AN3 Female Fitting on one end, and a 10MM Banjo Fitting on the other in. The AN3 size is the most common for a brake hose, as it is equivalent to a 3/16” Steel Brake Line.

Speedway Motors 32" Braided Brake Hose
Aluminum crush washers for the Speedway Motors 32" brake line.

The brake hose kit comes with a 32” Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose and 2 Aluminum Crush Washers for the Banjo Bolt end.

Remove the banjo bolt from the caliper, and as you can see, it has a hole through the center, and on orifice in the side of the bolt for the fluid to come from the hose to the caliper. You'll need to put one of the aluminum crush washers on each side of the banjo end of the brake hose.

Braided brake line banjo bolt with brake fluid hole.
Installed braided brake line banjo bolt.

When you screw the banjo bolt back into the caliper, one of the aluminum crush washers will go in between the caliper and the banjo end of the hose, and the other one will go between the banjo end of the hose, and the head of the banjo bolt.

Banjo bolt from brake hose tightened to brake caliper.

Once the banjo bolt is tightened down the aluminum crush washers will seal the banjo end of the hose to the caliper.

Brake hose attached to AN3 male end fitting.

The other end of the hose will attach to any AN3 Male fitting, so the possibilities are vast. One thing to remember is to not over tighten the hose, over tightening will cause the cone on the fitting to be deformed, and will cause a leak.

When you're finished installing the rear hoses, you'll be able to finish the brake system, and be confident that when you hit the pedal it's going to stop just like you want it to.

Rear brake line hose attached.

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