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Speedway Tech Talk - Disc Brake Set Up

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It is very common to replace drum brakes with disc brakes as a first project for your new ride. Tim addresses the most common problems when working on your disc brakes. The Speedway Midsize Caliper and Metric Caliper are most commonly used with our brake kits and Tim has brought those in for demonstration.

The rubber lines for this project sometimes cause issues for people. The rubber line is angled, not a straight banjo fitting like the braided set ups. Calipers can sometimes have cutaways that are not deep enough, the older style calipers can even cause a larger problem because they do not have a cutaway causing people to attach the rubber line incorrectly. Another issues is that banjos bolts require a crush washer on both sides. Tim also suggests taking a closer look at the mating surfaces on your calipers to ensure there are no flaws.

If you have an unusually tricky caliper, we suggest considering a Stat-O-Seal for your set up. Finally, Tim reminds builders that calipers are labeled left and right to keep the bleeder screw facing up.

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