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Fully Assembled Rear Control Arm Kit - Tech Talk


Joe and Kyle from Speedway Motors walk you through Speedway's new product, The Fully Assembled Rear Control Arm Kit.

This kit saves you the time and hassle of having to find a press to install the bushings, they are pre-drilled to 1/2 inch, and the steel insert is wider than the rubber to reduce binding.

This product is also legal for IMCA Hobby Stocks and IMCA Stock Cars.

Video Transcript

Joe: "Hey everyone welcome to Speedway Motors Tech Talk. I'm Joe and this is Kyle and he brought us a new product, or a new version of an old product, depending on how you want to look at it. What do we got here?"

Kyle: "Basically, what we have is the stock trailing arms for a g-body, or metric car, with the bushings pressed in it and ready to go so that when you buy them you don't have to go find a press or find someone to help you put the bushings in, they're ready to bolt in.

Joe: "Sure. So that's the way we sold them before you had just basically a bear arm and then you buy the bushing separately and you had to find a press and you had to actually press them yourself. And this bushing is different whether you buy, we still sell this version where it's in pieces. This bushing is the same bushing that's in these arms. Does it differ from a stock bushing at all?

Kyle: It's basically a stock bushing but it is made of rubber just like a stock bushing. Which makes it legal in different sanctioning bodies in different classes. But the metal portion is drilled out to a half-inch hole already that way you don't have to go find a metric bolt. Most people have one. And most people have a half-inch bolt laying around or it's easy to go to a hardware store to get a half-inch. The other thing is is the steel insert in it is wider than the rubber, so you don't have nearly the binding issue.

Joe: "So the idea here is if you have the chassis smushed down on the rubber, it's not as free as it would be if the chassis is just smushed down on the through sleeve in the middle? "

Kyle: "Yeah and it crushes down on the sleeve and that way when it's not in that perfect spot, it's not binding on the rubber all the time. "

Joe: "Sure so it lets the rear end articulate more."

Kyle: "Yeah it frees the car up so it's not bound up."

Joe: "So these bushings and everything on this table is IMCA legal right?"

Kyle: "Yes, everything here. The bushing actually is the only thing that we sell that is IMCA Hobby Stock legal, but everything here is legal for IMCA Hobby Stocks and stock cars.

Joe: "And so previously you had to order all this stuff individually. If I wanted to order this new kit, how are we selling this?"

Kyle: "We're selling it in different ways. You can buy each piece individually or you can buy them as a whole set. A lot of people have crashed before obviously, you'll egg out this portion or you'll egg out this end. Or even one of these. So you might need to buy one piece individually. Otherwise if you're putting a car together completely you buy the whole set, and it's pressed and ready to go."

Joe: "All right, well thank you Kyle for bringing these in and showing them to us and thanks to everybody for watching."

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