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Flathead Generator Stud for a Flathead Intake

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Have you ever heard the saying “He’s forgot more than I will ever know”? Or heard the song “I forgot more than you’ll ever know” written by Cecil Allen Null and performed by Skeeter Davis or the Davis sisters? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, but the saying is something to think about. The saying and the song have the same meaning, but they are really about different subjects. When I think about the saying I am usually referring to someone who has been around the block a few times and knows a ton of information about something I am interested in. The subject for me is usually regarding the Flathead V8 motor.

Learning about the Flathead is something like learning how to play the guitar or any other activity that can take a lifetime to master, or at least try to master. You have to spend a lot of time involved in something to really get a good feel for it. When you start to get a good feel for it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have it all figured out or that you’ve mastered it. It just means you are starting to understand the basics, and that is when you can really get into a specific subject and start to soak all of it in.

You would think that the Flathead motor has been around long enough that there would be plenty of information on the internet, tons of books on the subject, or people who know it inside and out. This may be true, but those people who really know it are usually a bit older and not always around for a quick explanation of why things are the way they are.

As I get older I think I start to forget things or my mind only really has the capacity for certain things and others get shoved to the back of my mind, or jump out of it completely. I do my best to know as much as I possibly can about the Flathead V8. However, it’s kind of hard to soak in all of the things I learn about the Flathead because of other things in life that get in the way.

A common thing people struggle with is ordering parts for a project they are working on. I personally find myself making lists of the things I need and going through the process of completing this said project so that I can get all the pieces of the puzzle I need and not have an interruption. Or worse, have to reuse some parts that I took off in order for the project to move forward or be completed.

This can be especially terrible when you have to remove something old to install it on your new parts. One of the things that drives me crazy is the Flathead front generator and fan mount stud. Have you ever tried to remove one of those? I am sure it’s much like the removal process of a lot of things. Some people probably turn them right out where others like me have spent about an hour heating, turning, prying and pulling just to waist a bunch of time you are never going to get back.

Please stop wasting your time. When you order a brand new shiny Flathead intake I highly recommend adding the Flathead Fan Mount Kit, part # 916-67001. Don’t forget! Plus it’s at the low price of $24.99. Your time is worth something and if you are like me you would rather spend your time finishing a project with nice new part than wasting it away just to have old used parts!

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