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EFI Fuel Tank for 1947 - 1954 Chevy Pickups

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Speedway Motors employee Pat O. is back to talk EFI Fuel Tanks for the Chevy Trucks from 1947-1954. Lucky for us (and you), our Wholesale manager Dave has just the truck for the job. Naturally, it’s also outfitted with plenty of Speedway Motors parts. Letting the 5.3 LS motor exhale is a pair of the Hooker cast iron LS exhaust manifolds, and the front end is supported by the Mustang II Front crossmember developed by Speedway Motors.

After a quick highlight of some additional products available through Speedway Motors, Pat brings us to the rear of the truck, where the 1947-54 Chevy Truck EFI Fuel Tank is waiting. This is a product manufactured in house here at Speedway Motors. The all-aluminum fuel tank fills up at just short of 17 gallons. The tank is built to accept a submersible fuel pump, and a fuel level sending unit, both of which are also available through Speedway Motors. The particular tank Pat is showing is set up to be used as a pop up style, where the filler neck protrudes through the bed of the truck for a clean exterior appearance.

To see more about the EIF -ready 1947-54 Chevy Truck Fuel tank available from Speedway Motors, click here.

Video Transcript

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Speedway motors! My name is Pat. Well today I wanted to highlight our brand new 47 to 54 Chevy truck EFI fuel tank and behind me I have Dave’s 51 Chevy truck. Dave's the supervisor of our wholesale program and we're going to check out a few things. He's got a bunch of Speedway stuff on this truck. As you can see Dave's got a 5.3 LS junkyard motor. Looks like he's got some hooker cast iron LS manifolds under there. And even underneath the front of this truck he's got our Mustang 2 front end. Looks like Dave's even got a holy aluminum pan to drop underneath against Maddie clearance because he'll definitely need it on some of these Nebraska roads."

Some Key Parts On This 1951 Chevy Truck

"So we'll check out the interior here real quick. In the cab here we have a plain steel Ididit steering column. Looks like a shift on the column. And then we have a 1940 Ford steering wheel that we do sell here at Speedway and that is a nice touch. Well now that we got that let's make our way to the back of the truck and see what we have and it looks like Dave decided to beef up the rear of this truck by dropping in our Bolton 9-inch Ford rear also backed by a four-link suspension and disc brakes which we all sell here at Speedway in separate kits."

EFI Fuel Tank For Classic Chevy Trucks

"Well here is our 47 to 54 Chevy truck EFI fuel tank that we make in-house here at Speedway Motors. It's an all aluminum construction and this is a just about a 17 gallon tank. When you go to pick up this tank make sure you buy a submersible fuel pump that we sell here at Speedway and then also a fuel level sending unit as well. It looks like this one is set up to run like a pop up or filler cap in the bed itself. And other than that, this is a great addition if you're going to run an LS motor in your older truck. If you have any questions on anything you saw here today on this video give us a call or check us out on our website at make sure to hit us up on our Facebook page and leave me a comment and even check out our YouTube channel again my name is Pat and thanks for watching!"

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