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Dual Carb Linkage Setup

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After installing the intake manifold and carbs on my 8BA, I decided it was time to just keep going on the fuel and throttle setup. I was hoping to have this motor as close to firing up as I could get it before actually dropping it in my Model A frame. Like most things in Hot Rodding, making this all work required a few modifications.

I was pretty excited to mount up all the parts I have sitting around. When I started to install the parts I noticed that this job wasn’t going to be easy. After installing the Carb linkage I wanted to get going on the fuel lines and fittings needed to make this V8 run. I was already certain I would need to trim some of the hardware to make it work properly.

I first trimmed the bolts that were holding the linkage on, then started to install the fittings needed for the fuel line. I installed a Fuel Inlet Fitting, part # 91611064, in the carb and a Dual Banjo Fitting, part # 91611068, in the rear carb. However, upon installing the Single Banjo Style Fuel Fitting, part #91611067, I noticed that the fuel line would not go on without hitting the double throttle arm.

I found that I needed to trim the double throttle arm in order for it to have full swing and function properly. I trimmed the bracket and re installed the setup. I felt as if it was all good… UNTIL I realized the throttle arm linkage needed to have a different orientation in order to work with the actual throttle cable and return spring.

I also found that the double throttle arm would not go on the shaft as far as I would like to see it, so I chamfered the back of the arm to make it sit on the carb shaft like the single arm does. I can now cotter key them in place if I’d like.

With the arm trimmed it clears the fuel line no problem.

I purchased Throttle Bracket, part # 4914007, and an extra Gasket, part # 91011050, as well as some Red Fuel Line, part # 91011449. I put the throttle linkage orientation on top so that I can use the bracket for my Lokar throttle cable and also have a return spring.

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