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Chevy C10 Front Suspension Upgrade


When digging into old project cars and trucks, some of the most common problems that keep vehicles from being roadworthy are suspension related. Whether the suspension is broken, rusty, saggy, or just not the height you're looking for, Speedway Motors has you covered with a variety of applications, kits, and upgrades.

The suspension and steering on my '66 C-10 was very rusty, and the truck sat too high for my liking. So, I decided to purchase a variety of parts to change the altitude of the truck. This article covers the front suspension. To view the article covering the rear click HERE.

The parts that I purchased for the front are:

1963-72 Chevy Pickup Front Lowering Coil Springs, 3 Inch Drop

Western Chassis 50805-6087C10-L Dropped Front Shock, 1960-87 Chevy C10 x 2

Total cost for the front= $184.97

Start by loosening the lug nuts, jacking up the vehicle, placing it on jack stands (frame rail so they are out of the way), and removing the wheels. After removing the wheels it was easy to see that the suspension had seen better days.

I started by spraying both sides down with a power washer and some penetrant spray. After letting the spray sit for a while I was ready to get started. These are the steps I took to begin the removal.

  1. Place a floor jack under lower control arm and jack up so spring pressure is supported by jack.

  2. Loosen castle nut on LOWER ball joint - but do NOT remove it completely.

  3. Hit the spindle on the lower ball joint boss with a fairly large hammer to loosen the seated ball joint. One side was pretty stuck so I used a combination of a hammer and pickle forks to loosen it up.

  4. When the ball joint lets go or "pops" you can remove castle nut the rest of the way.

  5. SLOWLY lower floor jack under lower control arm to gradually let pressure off of the spring. Releasing too quickly can cause the spring to shoot out. A chain can always be used to hook the spring to the frame for added safety.

  6. Remove the old spring.

  7. The shocks are easily replaced by unbolting them at the top and bottom.

If you are just replacing the springs you can install the new spring in the opposite fashion and enjoy your new look and feel!

I also opted to go with our Front End Rebuild Kit while I had the front apart, so the journey will continue.

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