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Camaro RS Parking Lamp Assembly


When people acquire their dream car, it will almost always need some work done to it in some way shape or form. I purchased my 1972 RS Camaro about two years ago after a long grueling search of trying to hunt one down that was just right for me. After I got the car home I had the common urge that every one has when they purchase a new car, I wanted to drive it! I mean I purchased my dream car, it was time to go cruise it.

I had the car trailered to my home since it was not running at the time. When I finally got it up and running I discovered that the inside park lights were not working, and one was extremely broken as you can see. I was even more amazed that none of the retaining nuts were holding the park lights in. To this day I still couldn’t believe they did not fall out on the trailer ride home. Thankfully, I work at a place that can get this problem taken care of.

I proceeded to purchase two of Speedway Motors OER Reproduction Parking Lamp Assembly for 1970-73 RS Camaro, part number 926-15771 to replace the old beaten park lights. I will not lie that this turned into a little bit more of a task than I previously thought. But I will promise you that it is definitely worth it to see the finished product.

This first obstacle you will encounter is getting the two retaining nuts on the back side of the light. This is a little bit of a chore due to it being tucked behind the radiator support, but you can get your hand into position. I had a ratcheting 10mm wrench, which made the job a lot easier. I could have made the job even easier, but I did not want to start taking the front of the car apart. Once you overcome this obstacle you can move onto the next one.

This will be obstacle number two you will stumble upon. There is a grommet that contains the wire on the inside of it that is ran through the radiator support. I highly recommend using silicone grease to work this grommet into place, even with grease this will test your time and patience.

Once you overcome getting the grommet into place, you are finally home free. All that is left to do is plug it into the existing connector for the park lights, then do it all over again on the passenger side.

It took a bit longer than I originally anticipated, but that is what it's all about. Being able to make something look beautiful no matter how long, expensive, or painful it may or may not be. The finished product is always worth it!

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