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Tyson Jurgens's Articles
Tyson Jurgens
Member since Jun 27 2018

When Tyson Jurgens came to Speedway Motors in 2017, he found a place where he could thrive as a car guy. He began his career as a Muscle Tech in Customer Experience where he help customers order parts all while learning more about building cars from fellow co-workers, especially Zach Raddatz. Today, Tyson works as an eCommerce Content Specialist.

Before coming to Speedway Motors, Tyson worked at O’Reilly Auto Parts for five years, just down the road from our headquarters. When it was time to move on from O’Reilly, Tyson took a welding job outside of the automotive industry. He was going to school for welding and it seemed like a good fit, but life had other plans for Tyson. A medical issue forced him to stop welding for a career, but the brief time away helped him realize he wanted to work around automotives. He missed talking cars, finding parts and working directly with customers. Tyson remembered the handful of conversations he had with Speedway Motors employees and decided to apply. The rest is, as they say, history.

Tyson originally learned to love cars from his dad, who taught him almost everything, including welding. They’re still building together, and Tyson absorbs everything he can when they get time in the garage. Growing up, Tyson always cared more about power and speed rather than looks. When you’ve got a budget and you want to go fast, paint isn’t very high on the build list. He built a 1987 Toyota Supra street car and a 1995 Chevy Z28 Camaro. He also owned a 1972 Chevy RS Camaro that was more of a cruiser, but had some hotrod style to it.

Tyson's 2021 project represents a big, interesting shift in personal taste. Instead of another car capable of tearing up the street, Tyson is building a 1969 Chevy SS 396 Chevelle and keeping it as stock as possible to drive it as a show car. Maybe it’s the novelty or maybe Tyson has changed a bit, but his Chevelle is his favorite car he’s ever owned.

Tyson Jurgens's Articles

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