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Built With Speedway Motors: Sam's '55 Chevy

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We love it when our customers share their projects with us on social media. This is the story of Sam Reavis and his very cool, very red LS-powered ’55 Chevy.

You have to purge the nitrous somewhere, why not make it look like the car is breathing fire?

Sam traded a ’72 Nova for the ’55. It had a tired big block Chevy under the hood, but it didn’t take him long to pull the rat motor in favor of his powerplant of choice: a power-adder LS. Says Sam, “I’ve LS swapped a few and I am hooked.” In this case, it’s a 6.0 with an Elgin Stage 2 cam and a few tricks to make it live under boost or nitrous. The rings are gapped for boost and LS9 head gaskets were used. A Holley Terminator runs the show and a Nitrous Express plate system makes things fun, and Speedway Motors clipster headers handle the exhaust. A HyperFuel Dual Pump In Tank Retrofit Kit makes sure there's plenty of fuel to the injectors. It’s backed up by a built Powerglide with a transbrake and Ford 9” swinging on ladder bars. The car is still pretty fresh, but Sam has already had it on the chassis dyno, where it made about 600 horsepower to the wheels with a conservative nitrous shot. There’s more to come.

Sam's shop mid-thrash. There's a lot of neat workmanship all over this car.
The interior is all business, but at least there's a cupholder!

While Sam was sharing progress on the ’55 on social media, he was contacted by the car’s original builder. Turns out the car used to be a bracket racer from Texas, and the owner named it “Huckleberry.” They are now friends and Sam has received a bunch of pictures from the car’s bracket racing days.

Sam has plenty of help in the garage. Here he's showing his son the finer points.

We’re also happy to report that the next generation is already headed in the right direction in the Reavis household. Sam tells us, “My wife and I have a 6 year old who is my shadow in the garage and at the track or car show. In fact, we wired up his power wheels to 18v power tool batteries so he could do wheelies.” Sam also tells us that his most memorable experience with the car to date is taking it to the track with his family. Proof once again that the family that builds hot rods together stays together.

Thanks Sam for sharing your story with us!

The old-school mags add a timeless look to Sam's high-tech '55.
Here's Sam at the track, working to dial in his '55.

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