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We all know the time, effort, and love we put into our projects. Whether it is bringing Dad’s old Chevy back to its former glory, or building a classic from the ground up, Speedway Motors is here to help you along the way. Each of the banners below will take you to a list of components we have assembled to make finding those particular parts you need a little less challenging. In the end, your passion is our passion, and we want to help you succeed.

The G-Comp Nova has served as a very effective test bed for our G-Comp products, and we have the autocross success to prove it. You can build one just like ours as well, click the link below to see what you'll need!

If you've ever wanted to start that 1947-54 Chevy build, but didn't know how, we have you covered. Click below to see a comprehensive list of the parts you would need, all in one place, to build a solid foundation for that truck of your dreams!

We were asked (roughly) what it would take to put together a rolling chassis for a 1935-1940 Ford. So, thats what we have for you. Follow the link to check out the build list for our display chassis!

Got the itch to build a hot rod Model A? Good news, we can help! We put together a basic list to help you scratch that hot rod itch by building a rolling chassis.

T-Bucket Fever? We have a cure for you. We gathered most of the essential parts you will need to build that T-bucket just the way your little heart desires!

Want to build a '23 T? Not sure where to start? We've got you covered! We gathered most of what it would take to get one started, and the best part? You get to build it how you want!

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