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383 Engine Build and Dyno - '32 Roadster


The 350 that was in our 1932 Roadster was getting pretty tired. There was also a 383 leftover from our Project Chevelle, so we're going to take that 383 over to Zach Woods in our engine shop. He will breathe some new life into it and also throw in a few surprises. You don’t want to miss this!

Zach Woods runs the engine shop and he's going to put this engine together for us. To get the engine ready to go, we honed the cylinders to give the new rings something to seat into. We pin fit the new pistons and resized the rods to have the appropriate bearing clearance. Then, we balanced the old crank to the new rods and pistons. Finally, we simply washed it and it is ready to go!

Watch the timelapse as Zach assemblies, installs, torques and times it all. And lastly, drops on what we're all here for, the 4-71 blower.

After the engine was assembled, we hooked it up on the dyno. The valve covers were replaced because there weren’t any baffles on the other ones. We modified the carburetor to boost reference the power valve. This process included plugging the original power valve and vacuum source, drilling the hole in the side of the main body, and making a new port. Once all of that was done, we were ready to go.

The engine sounds happy pushing 520 horsepower and 515 ft. lbs of torque. We are really surprised and impressed with the 10 lbs of boost that the little blower makes.

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