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10 Tips for the Rookie Racer

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Tags: Tech, Tech, Longacre, Race
  1. Start in the right division. – We all want to go fast and be the star, but start racing in the division that you can afford and where your technical ability is the best fit. Stay in that division until you become the top dog and your bank account and crew are good enough to move up to a bigger, faster and more expensive car.
  1. Buy the best safety equipment available, not the best that you think you can afford. If you can’t purchase all of the apparel available (helmet, uniform, gloves & fire resistant underwear) along with a Head and Neck device and a full containment seat, then maybe you need to wait another year or plan on hitting the lottery!
  1. Be comfortable in the race car. Make all changes necessary so that the steering wheel, pedals and seat help you during the race instead of making things more difficult. Also, only allow people on your crew that you would trust with your life. You never know, they just might have something to say about how healthy you remain!
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice! - I’m guessing that this point needs no further explanation.
  1. Find a good mentor – develop a relationship with someone that you race with that will always provide accurate, honest information. Find someone that will answer all of your questions, even the stupid ones, honestly.
  1. Work on your racecar. Make sure that when you arrive at the track that it is ready to go so you can concentrate on making the changes necessary to make it fast. Watch what other successful teams are doing and try to emulate their actions. If you listen, you will learn a lot more than when you talk. Stay in your pit area and try to make your race car as fast as possible.
  1. Spend your money wisely. A big, shiny trailer never won a race.
  1. If you screw up, own it! It’s really hard to keep yelling at you when you admit that you did something wrong.
  1. Take the time to go and introduce yourself to the promoter, his officials and the announcer. If you and your family want to hear your name over the PA system, give the announcer something that he can use during the evening.
  1. From the Grandstands racing looks easy, but you will quickly find out that it is difficult to go fast and be a winner. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! There is only one winner each night. Be patient and work hard.

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