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A cooling fan shroud is one the key elements to a properly performing cooling system. A fan shroud, even if it’s a universal fan shroud, will go a long way in making sure you make it home. Without a proper fan shroud kit, incoming air could be bypassing your vehicle’s radiator, and that’s not what you want. Your vehicle needs a fan shroud, and we can help you pick the right one.

What Is a Cooling Fan Shroud?

Cooling fan shrouds funnel air through the radiator to help keep your vehicle from overheating. Cooling fan shrouds keep incoming air from bypassing the radiator. Ideally, what you want is a radiator fan shroud sized for your radiator’s core surface, and an opening just larger than the cooling fan’s diameter. This will aid in cooling because the fan shroud and cooling fan work together at drawing air through the radiator to cool the engine. Without a fan shroud, incoming air will not be focused through the complete core surface, and cooling performance will suffer. Electric fan shrouds are a little different than engine-driven fan shroud designs, but we have both, along with both direct-fit and custom fan shroud offerings.

How Do You Mount a Cooling Fan Shroud?

Radiator fan shrouds attach to a vehicle’s radiator with either metal or plastic clips and hardware, zip ties, or something similar. A universal plastic fan shroud has a variety of attachment methods, as do many aluminum fan shroud applications. For a fan shroud for aluminum radiator applications, many are available in a piece-by-piece fashion, and in many cases are designed to fit specific radiators. With that in mind, a fan shroud for aluminum radiator offerings is configured to bolt together with little fabrication.

Do Fan Shrouds Help Guard Against Overheating?

Radiator fan shrouds are specifically designed to guard against overheating. That is a fan shroud kit’s main purpose. An aftermarket radiator fan shroud kit is designed to aid the radiator and cooling fan in making sure engine temps stay in range. As an illustration, let’s look at radiator fan shrouds in the same way we look at a car’s air conditioning dash vent. When we get in a car on a hot day, do we just let the cool air blow in any direction? No, we focus the dash onto our body to help efficiently cool us down. That’s what a fan shroud does, it directs the air through the radiator for more efficient cooling.

How Do You Seal a Fan Shroud?

So, if you look at most new vehicles, they have either plastic or rubber seals to help focus the air through the radiator. Many older cars have holes or vents in the radiator support to help cool other components, but if you need to seal your fan shroud to the radiator, you can use a rubber gasket to make a tight seal against the radiator. Both electric fan shrouds and engine-driven radiator shrouds will do their best work when tightly sealed against the radiator. Most of the shrouds we sell will conform to the size radiator and fan you have in your vehicle. We have several electric fan shrouds and engine-driven radiator fan shrouds for a variety of radiator and fan sizes. Go through our fan shroud section and pick out your radiator size and then the size of your fan, and you’ll have the best fitting radiator fan shroud for your specific application. Furthermore, many of our fan shroud offerings also feature rubber flaps to aid in airflow at increased speed when there would otherwise be a restriction.

Is A Fan Shroud Necessary?

Yes, we absolutely recommend using a fan shroud as a supplement to your vehicle’s radiator and fan. A fan shroud makes use of the radiator’s complete surface area, and not just the core surface the fan is positioned over. No cooling system should be without a fan shroud. There’s a reason the OEMs use fan shrouds to aid in cooling; that’s because they work. Remember, air is lazy, it will go in the direction of least resistance, so give your cooling system the best chance at success by using a fan shroud to guide the air where you need it, and that’s through your radiator’s entire core surface.