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Select Your Race Car

Our roots run deep in the racing community – it’s literally in our name. Racing isn’t just something you do for fun every once in a while. No matter if you are a seasoned veteran, a young wheelman on the rise, or a weekend warrior; the thrill of racing lights a competitive fire within us that never can be extinguished. That fire drives your passion for the sport; to continue to improve both mentally and physically, to spend countless hours week in and week out perfecting your racing car parts setup, searching for the perfect combination that will one-up your competition. Speedway Motors has the race car parts you need to give you that leading edge next time you hit the track!

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What Do You Race?
Select Your Race Car
Oval Track
On any given Friday or Saturday evening, thousands of racers come together to do battle at their local short tracks. Though the competition and technology have come a long ways, the roots of it all remain unchanged. From dirt to asphalt, oval track racing can take many forms. No matter how big the stakes, each driver puts everything they have on the line each time they take to the track. It all comes down to who has the right combination of control and chaos to determine who will stand atop the podium once the dust begins to settle. Shop Oval Track Now
Drag Racing
Reaction time, traction, acceleration and speed; it all has to come together in order to win the race. Like all things motorsports, the cars have evolved. They’re lighter, faster and more aerodynamic, all in the pursuit of shaving fractions of a second off their elapsed time. Modern drag racers not only fine tune their cars, but must also consider safety first and foremost. Shop Drag Racing Now
Demolition Derby
In the beginning it was just a group of guys crashing into one another on an off night at their local racetrack or county fairgrounds. Like all things over time, demolition derbies evolved into a highly competitive sport. Gone are the days when an average Joe could knock the windows out of an old sedan and compete in a local event. Modern day demo derbies feature everything from mild, bone stock classes all the way up to unlimited classes. Shop Demolition Derby Now
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Speedway Motors is your #1 source for race car parts! It’s always racing season here at Speedway Motors and we know you feel the same way. Even when you're not at the track, racing car parts are still on your mind. That’s why our selection of race car parts is second to none. Since 1952 Speedway Motors has been dedicated to our friends in the racing world. Our vast selection of racing parts and race car accessories means you can spend less time shopping and more time doing what you love. 

Racing - Since 1895

The first car race in both Europe and the United States both took place in 1895. No one should be surprised that as soon as cars were invented, people were figuring out ways to compete in them. The first race in the United States took place from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois in 1895. The first race in Europe occurred that same year in France. The winner of the Chicago race, Frank Duryea averaged a blistering 7 miles per hour. Unfortunately for them, there were no race car part suppliers like Speedway Motors back in those days.

Race Car Parts Suppliers for Circle Track, Drag Racing & More

For many, the Daytona 500 in February kicks off the start of the “racing season.” This might mean you love Oval Track racing. The truth is, we do too. It doesn’t matter if you go Kart Racing or wheel a Sprint Car, the rush is just as real. It’s competition, comradery and entertainment all rolled into one.

Our support doesn’t end with Oval Track. Getting that drag car tuned to grab some G’s out of the hole is what some of us live for. The smell of melted down slicks and nitromethane makes the heart pound with anticipation. 

Or you might be doing the demolition derby thing, or maybe it’s a hot rod V8 tractor puller at 7,000 rpm that really makes your heart sing. Maybe you carve through the cones with an SCCA slalom racer. The truth is, we love all forms of motorsports. If it’s got wheels and an engine, it’s bound to make the drudgery of every day life just melt away. That’s why we love it, and we know you do to. 

Essential Racing Car Parts

It requires specialized racing parts and racing accessories to get your car ready to compete and win. You can’t just go down to any race car store and buy any old race parts. If you want to win, you have to go where the winners go. Speedway Motors has been supplying winners with the racing car parts they need to take the checkered flag, no matter what you race.

Here are some essential racing car parts and gear you need to stay safe and competitive:

When it comes to race car parts suppliers, you will find our service, selection and pricing to be unparalleled. We look forward to helping you get into the winner’s circle this year. Get on track with Speedway Motors!