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Racing Gloves Buyers Guide

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There are 2 things a racer never wants to compromise on; safety and performance. This is why a quality set of auto racing gloves is a must-have for all competitive drivers. Speedway Motors has a great selection of car racing gloves to fit the needs of any racer. Track glove performance is key in maintaining control and safety in the heat of the moment on the track as well as in case of a fire, which is why our collection includes SFI rated fireproof racing gloves from a variety of top brands. Trust the experts at Speedway Motors for all your track driving glove needs.

A well-designed glove improves your grip on the wheel and helps control your vehicle. For this reason, it is crucial to choose a pair that provides the best fit for your hands. If you aren't sure how to choose a size that fits just right, check out our guide on how to choose a racing driving glove that fits. We have sizes ranging from 4x small to 3x large, so you're sure to find track driving gloves that are perfect for you. Speedway Motors also carries youth racing gloves for kid drivers.

For material type, we recommend Nomex racing gloves for the fire protection factor. You should also consider that you have a choice between single-layer race gloves and multiple layer driving gloves. We recommend multi-layer driving gloves for the added fire safety, and racers often find that having multiple layers gives a more comfortable grip on the wheel without sacrificing feel.

Safety and performance should always be top of mind when choosing a racing glove, but that doesn't mean you have to forget about style. We offer auto racing gloves in a variety of colors and styles. Our most popular colors are our blue, red, and black racing gloves, but we offer many more colors and combinations. Skeleton racing gloves are another popular choice. Regardless of what style you choose, you can rest easy knowing our collection of auto racing gloves was hand-picked by experts who know that there is no substitute for quality on the track.

To complete your set of racing safety equipment, here are some other key things you'll need:

  • A good fire racing suit is an essential piece of clothing for drivers to protect themselves.
  • Any racer will tell you a comfortable pair of racing shoes can't be beaten, and the fire-resistant materials they are made from protect your feet.
  • Perhaps the single most important piece of gear for a racer, a high-quality racing helmet is an absolute necessity.