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If the stock shift knob on your race car isn't cutting it, Speedway Motors has you covered with a great selection of custom racing shift knobs. Many racers choose to swap out their shift knobs to get the exact grip and feel they want. Aftermarket race shift knobs are a great addition for any racer who wants to make sure their shift lever knob has high-quality materials and an even better feel.

What Style of Racing Shift Knob is Right For Me?

Speedway Motors has a variety of choices when it comes to race shift knobs. Styles we offer include round, t-handle, and pistol grip, which are all designed with ergonomics in mind so you can be sure that changing gears feels just right. What style should you pick? It all comes down to personal preference, you should always go with the track shift knob that fits most comfortably in your hand. Many racers prefer the round or “cue ball” style, but in the end, the only thing that matters is that your racing gear shift knob feels good to you. Obviously having a good racing shifter in the first place is critical, so don’t hesitate to look at making a replacement if needed.

Race Shift Knob Options

Racers need durability in virtually every part of their vehicle, even down to their shift knob. That’s why our racing shift knobs are made with high-quality materials, mostly aluminum and billet aluminum, but we also have high-strength plastic and wood. Finish options include anodized, chrome, powder coated, and more. Trust the experts at Speedway Motors for quality, durability, and affordability.