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What's in a BluePrint Crate Engine?

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Tags: Tech, Crate Engines, V8, V6
The Beginning

When it comes time to drop a new engine in your hot rod, after the countless late nights consumed by the garage, after all the detail work devoted to the paint and interior, you want an engine that holds up to that same kind of value. And it seems BluePrint Engines are a familiar reflection of the do-it-yourselfer, Mr. Speedy Bill Smith himself. Much like Speedway Motors' humble beginnings, BluePrint got its start out of a small garage located in central Nebraska rebuilding engines for friends and neighbors. And like any great story of the American dream, BluePrint’s dedication, passion, and honesty have allowed them to grow over the past two decades to become one of the most reputable names in the business. Today BluePrint engines have produced more than 200,000 factory replacement engines that are built to meet the budget and performance needs of almost any automotive enthusiast.

Why go with a BluePrint engine?

It’s hard to beat the value and performance of a BluePrint crate engine. Even if you had access to a reputable local machine shop (which are getting harder and harder to find), you couldn’t have a custom engine built for less money than the cost of a BluePrint engine. With a BluePrint engine, you get the peace of mind that your engine is professionally built using tested and proven components, plus the knowledge that the components used are hand-selected to work well together. Even better is the fact that BluePrint breaks in and dyno tests each of its crate engines, minimizing any potential problems you may have when you fire up the engine for the first time in your ride. Add to that BluePrint’s industry-leading 30-month, 50,000-mile warranty, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better value on the market.

What are you getting with a BluePrint engine?

At BluePrint, every engine is hand built by seasoned experts before going to the dyno. No matter the application, you’re getting brand new high quality components. Every block is hand selected, then thoroughly cleaned and inspected. After that it's pressure checked before the main bearing bores are align honed and the block is squared and parallel decked. The cylinder walls are sonic tested and honed within .0002-inch straightness and roundness using a precision computer controlled honing machine. The premium cast cranks are micro-polished before the rotating assembly is balanced. No detail goes unnoticed in a BluePrint engine, everything rotates with premium bearings and rings, performance valvetrain components, and a double roller timing set.

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