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The Bucket Beauties
Bri, Betsy, Alanna, Jess and Katie

Katie – or KP as we call her – is newest to the car world. Every team needs a cheerleader and KP is ours. She brings positive encouragement with a little punch. While she may not have any hands on experience, her ‘failure is not an option’ attitude got her on the team. At Speedway, she does a little online marketing, a little car show/race support, and a whole lot of whatever comes her way. She may be pocket size, but don’t underestimate her strength! Follow KP’s posts at #tinyT!


Meet Bri. Bri brings the ‘mom’ attitude to our team. She knows how to make the perfect cheese quesadilla and how to ensure we all stay in line and on time. Bri’s worked at a variety of jobs at Speedway Motors and is well versed in customer service and putting new product online. Having recently joined the content side of the Marketing team, Bri is the go-to for seeing and displaying all products – the question is – will she be able to use that information while piecing together the 23 T?! Follow Bri’s posts at #cuteasabucket!


Betsy’s the oldest granddaughter of ‘Speedy’ Bill Smith. She’s spent some time at the race track, she’s worked in various departments at Speedway Motors – but she’s never built a car and she’s ready to start with one of Speedway’s infamous T Bucket kits. As the brains behind this idea, her positive attitude combined with her uncanny ability to peer pressure lead to this project becoming a reality. She’s got the girls convinced this will be the best project ever – and we know she’ll bring laughter into the garage, even if it’s because she’ll trip over all the parts at least once. Follow Betsy’s posts at #BucketBetty!


Alanna is an only child who likes to have her way. She’s a Jazzercise master, an expert in half-salted popcorn and knows how to turn eyelashes into an art form. As the events master at Speedway, you’re likely to find Alanna in a parking lot, soaking in the rays, while holding a clip board and barking orders. Her ’65 blue Mustang was a gift for college graduation and gives her something to drive to shows when she’s not working. She enjoys sweatpants, tropical vacations and she’ll be an asset to the build team with the car knowledge she’s had instilled in her from a young age! Follow Alanna’s posts at #pretTyinpink!


Jess is hands down our expert. She’s artistic, she’s smart, and she’s no newbie to car building. Her family begin racing at Bonneville when she was 6 years old, at 21 she and her dad began work on her 1933 Ford and today you’re likely to see her cruising around town in her un-chopped highboy, 5-window coupe with suicide doors. During the day she can be found piecing together the Speedway catalogs in the creative department, but at night she’ll be teaching the rest of us the difference between an allen wrench and an actual wrench. Wait, there is a difference right? Follow Jess’s posts at #hotwheelhoney!

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