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Speedway Tech Talk - RACEceiver Kits & Components


Speedway Motors product expert Greg N. takes some time to sit down and talk about the RACEceiver radios, kits, and components.

A one-way radio required by many race tracks, the RACEciever is a great little device with many benefits. With a direct link to track officials, they can direct racers where to go, as well as advise the next step in the event of an emergency on the track. Greg recommends having some extra batteries on hand-Murphy’s Law is always in full effect, you’ll have a dead battery when you need it the least!

With a few different styles of listening devices you’re bound to find a system that works for you. Be it the standard earplug style, the earbud style we are all used to with our smartphones, or hardwired speakers installed in your helmet. There is even an option to custom make ear-pieces that are form-fitted to your ears.

Another option that Greg talks about is the Legend+, or SD600. This option is for those times you can use a two-way communication system on the track. Using the same standard 3.5mm audio jack you can use all of the audio components listed previously.

Last but not least, Greg shows off the LapCeiver A.L.T. One of the newer offerings from RACEceiver, it will feed the driver an audio report of the time of each lap and you can download it to your computer later for further analysis. It works via infrared signal with a generator on the outside of the track and a receiver on the car. Make sure to check the rules and regulations of your sanctioning body and track, these may not be legal for your class.

To browse the complete selection of RACEceiver kits and components available at Speedway Motors, Click Here.

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