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Speedway Motors SA2020 Lightweight Racing Helmets

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Tech Talk: Speedway Motors SA2020 Helmets
An Incredible Helmet Value

Safety equipment is the most important thing that you will spend your money on as a racer, but that doesn’t mean you have to empty the piggy bank to afford quality equipment. The new Speedway Motors SA2020 Lightweight Racing Helmets are a great example. These helmets come with some impressive features, comply with the new SA2020 standards, and are surprisingly affordable.

A Lightweight Racing Helmet

Racers hate anything that’s heavy. Even worse when it’s on your head. Supporting a heavy helmet will just plain wear you out, making it harder to focus on the real task at hand. These helmets are light; a Large only weighs 56 ounces, making them among the lightest helmets that we sell. You will actually feel it when you hold it in your hands, and you’ll really notice the difference after a day at the track.

Other Features

Minimal weight isn’t the only benefit of these helmets. There are some additional details that really set them apart from other helmets in this price range. First, the eye port is very large. Not only does that open up your field of vision, it also leaves room for prescription glasses or sunglasses. The 3mm polycarbonate visor accepts Style C tear offs if you’re racing on dirt, and the tear off posts come already installed on the visor.

There are vents optimally positioned across the front, top, and back of these helmets to maximize airflow through the helmet and keep you cool. The lining is a comfortable soft-knit material that is also fireproof.

These helmets will also work with popular Head & Neck Restraints, and we’ve made it easy by adding the correct M6 threaded posts already installed in the helmet. We also offer these helmets in a kit that includes the restraint and a storage bag.

Carbon Fiber

In addition to the lightweight fiberglass models, there also an ultra-light carbon fiber version that comes with all the same great features, but is even lighter yet, weighing in at only 53.5 ounces for a size Large. That’s super light. Also, we can’t forget to mention that the carbon fiber versions look incredibly cool.


Finally, the SA2020 rating means that they meet the latest Snell certification and will be accepted by most sanctioning bodies for years to come. Learn more about the Snell standards an what’s new for SA2020 here.These helmets are well suited to all types of automotive racing, but we recommend checking with your sanctioning body to be sure they will be approved when you get to the track.

Helmet Sizing Chart

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