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Full Face Helmet Type, Snell SA2020 Safety Rating

  • Kit includes lightweight composite fiberglass helmet that reduces driver fatigue
  • Large eye port allows room for eyeglasses behind 3mm optically correct shield with preinstalled Style C tear off posts
  • Front top and rear airflow vents with lightweight knit fireproof lining keeps the driver cool
  • Includes lightweight Head and Neck Restraint fully adjustable for shoulder width, arm angle, and racing seat
  • Speedway branded carry bag included safely stores helmet and restraint together to prevent damage

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91606181
Helmet TypeFull Face
Safety RatingSnell SA2020
Helmet Shell MaterialFiberglass
Age GroupAdult

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Speedway Motors 91606181 Details

Speedway Motors SA2020 Lightweight Racing Helmet

  • Composite fiberglass shell is lightweight, reducing driver stress and fatigue
  • Optically correct 3mm clear visor shield for optimum visibility and sight lines
  • Style C tear-off posts pre-installed for dirt racing use
  • Large eye port with rubber seal provides better visual profile while keeping dirt out
  • Front, top, and rear vents provide airflow through the helmet, keeping you cool
  • Head and Neck Restraint M6 thread insert pre-installed, no drilling required
  • Soft knit fireproof lining improves comfort and safety
  • Choose from size S to XXL in gloss white or flat black
  • Meets all Snell SA2020 helmet requirements and is certified with Snell rating and sticker

Speedway Motors' New SA2020 Helmets Provide the Best Value

Whether you are a seasoned racer, or just hit the occasional weekend autocross event, safety should be one of your top concerns. All sanctioning bodies cover their required safety equipment in their rule books, and even at the local level your track will spell out their minimum safety requirements needed to run at their facility. While some of these rules will differ depending upon racing class, vehicle type, and horsepower level, one thing in common to all forms of racing is the use of a race car helmet.

While a racing suit protects your body from fire, in the grand scheme of racing a fire is quite rare (though we wholeheartedly recommend the highest rated suit your racing budget can afford). On the other hand, racing-induced wrecks are much more common, and therefore even at the sportsman level racing helmets are mandatory. Protecting your head (and its contents!) are paramount. Brain injuries and concussions are no joke and Snell racing helmet offers offers protection from blunt force trauma caused by impacts, rollovers, and more.

Speedway Motors' latest safety equipment offering is our SA2020 composite fiberglass Snell SA helmet. Suitable for use in all forms of motorsports, from paved and dirt oval, to drag racing, autocross, and more, our newest racing helmets combine incredible value with the top-rated features everyone is looking for in today’s helmet designs while meeting all of Snell’s stringent SA2020 certifications for impact and fire protection.

Lightweight Composite Fiberglass for Comfort

Weight is the enemy of a racer, and we are not just talking about the weight of the race car, but that of the driver and everything else that goes into the car. A helmet must be light, not only to keep overall weight down, but to prevent driver fatigue. A heavy helmet is tough on a racer’s neck, cornering forces exert a lot of pressure that a racer must counter, tiring the racer. A lightweight drag racing helmet or autocross helmet is not only more comfortable but allows the racer to concentrate on what matters most—the race itself.

Our SA2020 composite fiberglass helmet weighs in at just 56 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest composite fiberglass helmets we carry at a value that cannot be matched by other helmet brands. Our weight savings comes not only from the composite fiberglass shell itself, but the use of other lightweight materials including the knit fireproof lining, polycarbonate eye shield, and more. You will feel the difference when you slip this helmet on and hit the track.

A SA2020 Certified Helmet with The Most Popular Features

Having the latest certification is one thing, and it being a great value is certainly tops on the list. However, when you start adding up the features we have added to our new SA2020 helmet you will wonder just exactly how we do it (sorry, trade secrets and all!). 

Our new SA2020 helmet was designed with all the features racers are looking for these days. We have already mentioned how light our new helmets are but look at the generous eye port opening, leaving not only plenty of room for prescription eyewear or sunglasses, but it provides a vast viewing area safely behind a rubber sealed 3mm polycarbonate visor that includes pre-installed posts for C-style tear offs. The optically correct visor can be replaced with one of our optional replacement visors in Clear, Light Smoke, Dark Smoke, or Chrome.

Features That Keep You Cooler and Safer

We optimized the airflow through our new helmet to keep you cool with three high-flow vents. Two inlet vents located at chin level and the forehead, and an exit vent at the back of the head. These provide continual airflow through the helmet keeping you cool. Combined with the soft knit fireproof lining you will stay comfortable and dry. When the time comes to remove your Snell racing helmet we know all too well how frustrating it can be to pull the chin strap free, especially with gloves on. We added a tether to our buckle to make separating the chin strap a simple one-handed motion.

Finally, with the popularity and lower cost of entry for Head and Neck restraint systems we have made the addition of using a HANS-type device even easier with our updated SA2020 helmet by drilling the proper mounting hole locations and pre-installing the correct M6 metric internal thread posts directly into the helmet during manufacturing. This allows you to hit the track, ready to go, with one less step and ensures the HANS fasteners are properly located and installed. Even at the sportsman level we encourage racers to invest in a head and neck restraint, which is why we offer this very SA2020 helmet and restraint kit with storage bag.

Zamp 2A Z-Tech Head And Neck Restraint System

The new Series 2A has new features never seen before in the Head and Neck Restraint market. These new Patent Pending Features include:

  • Advanced Axis Adjustment allows you to adjust shoulder width, arm angle and arm width. Fits different body shapes and sizes and adjusts to different race seats.
  • Super Lightweight at approximately 900 grams.
  • Extremely Comfortable feels like you have nothing on.
  • Dual Compound Frame Specialized Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon is used for the shoulder frame offering leading structural characteristics. Arms made with a Modified Alloy material give the device a dampening characteristic in a crash.  The two materials work together offering excellent performance.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware screws and binary post built with high quality and strength to provide long lasting strength.
  • Kevlar Webbing Single Point Tether connects helmet to restraint and offers good side to side motion during use.
  • 02 Spring Clip Quick Connect makes it even easier to disconnect the device from the helmet.
  • Belt Channel with Wings accepts 2” or 3” belts.
  • Replaceable Padding is easy to clean and/or replace for continued comfort.
  • Helmet Hardware needed is included to connect to the helmet.
  • SFI 38.1

Speedway Motors Head and Neck Restraint Helmet Bag

Designed to fit and protect both your helmet and your head and neck restraint device. The nylon bag has a center zip main compartment, a side zip lower storage enclosure, plus a side pocket for gloves or other smaller items. Features a padded top handle for easy carrying.

  • Fits and protects the helmet and your head and neck restraint device
  • Nylon construction
  • Padded top handle


Speedway Motors 91606181 Specifications

MFG. Part #91606181
BrandSpeedway Motors
Helmet TypeFull Face
Safety RatingSnell SA2020
Helmet Shell MaterialFiberglass
Age GroupAdult
Restraint CompatibleYes
Fresh Air EquippedNo
Shield IncludedYes
Helmet Shield ColorClear
Tear Off StyleC
Sold in QuantityKit