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Selecting the Right Coil-Over for Your T-Bucket

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Tags: Tech, T-Bucket, Street

Settling on the correct coil-over setup for your T-Bucket can really be a “Goldilocks” story. If you don’t go at it the right way, you could wind up with a suspension that is too hard, or too soft, before finding that setup that is “just right”.

Speedway Motors understands this dilemma, and we put together the information you would need to correctly select the coil-over system that will be perfect for your project.

Use the image below to first find the angle of your shocks.


  • If your desired wheel rate is 200 lbs per inch, and the degree of angle of your coil-over mounting is 20°:
  • Then 20° of angle equals .88 effective rate (see chart above)
  • Divide the .88 (effective percentage of spring when mounted at 20°) into desired rate
  • 200 ÷ .88 = 227.3
  • The 227.3 represents the amount of spring needed at 20° of angle to equal the desired wheel rate of 200 lbs. per inch

TIP: Street Rod shocks should be mounted with about 60% of the rod showing. This allows 60% of the shock to be used for bump travel, 40% for rebound.

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